Classic Last Ditch Waffen-SS Panzer M43 Cap

SKU: Uajprsgld

This rare cap is the last type manufactured within the SS Bekleidungswerke complex at Dachau. The materials tell a story: The wool is the poor quality blend, showing a wider weave and of course the underneath of the bill has the cardboard left exposed. The lining is simple beige unbleached cotton, size 56 marked in correct font. The buckram material is present in the underseam of the scallops and the buttonhole is correctly period executed. The real telling component is the printed skull and eagle, the hallmark feature of these last ditch items. The trapezoid is textbook machine sewn exactly the same as a few other existing examples. This cap is a must have for the collector of the SS product line of headgear. COA accompanies.


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