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Camouflage M40 Helmet by Quist, Probable SS


This one is a hard service used camo example, Q66, untouched and un-altered in any way. The heat lot number is very difficult to discern due to the light stamping (looks like 1204), but the helmet bears a very definite decal under the two layers of camo paint, on the right side. I will describe this: the first camo layer is white paint, covered by two shades of dark green, one yellower than the other. Where there is wear and paint loss, you can clearly see the silver shield with large black segments showing through on the right side. In the light box this is difficult to demonstrate (see pictures), but in hand wit a standard loupe it is obvious and easy to see. One photo down below does show the silver and the black in contrast with the camo paint to give the viewer clarity. What I am also able to show in the pictures is the definite outline of the shield, indicating a very full decal underneath (not a scrape or half gone). The helmet features a stiff but complete liner, with untouched pins and no cleaning or tampering. As camos go, this is what the real hard core ones look like after a winter campaign, then hastily subdued back to a temperate climate usage. Hard-used, very authentic, probably SS. Priced accordingly, COA accompanies.

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