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(B.S.)Camouflage FJ M38, Extensive Service Use


This is a great example of an M38 early spanner camouflage paratrooper helmet, with remnants of whitewash and very hard use throughout its service life. The camouflage scheme itself consists of faded grass green and tan, reminiscent of regiment 6. The liner is complete and intact with some age and a large blood stain on the center and side (indicative of KIA). The straps are weakened over age and about 70% complete. None of the bolts have been touched or turned and one can see whitewash remnants in the spanner bolts on the outside. The eagle is visible but very worn and contains whitewash remnants as well. The helmet had been camouflaged and then whitewashed at least several times and repeatedly scrubbed to remove the whitewash in the springtime. A very unique well used FJ helmet that speaks volumes. COA accompanies.


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