Sold (js) Beautiful Waffen-SS Sturmmann of Reconnaissance Tunic

SKU: Uamas123

This outstanding example comes from an advanced collector who obtained it from Grenadier over a decade ago. The piece is a Ravensbruck- produced (Betr. Ra.)  jacket in rough Italian ‘beutestoff’ and an imitation silk lining. There are loops for one badge at the left breast (either panzer assault or infantry assault in bronze for motorized troops). A two-ribbon bar is above the breast pocket, displaying a KVK 2nd class with swords, and a ‘winterschlacht im osten’ medal. The collar tabs are matching bevo, machine sewn and showing the rank of SS-Sturmmann. The sleeve eagle is the RZM pattern and the rank chevron below is in bright tresse. The boards are identical matches and piped in golden yellow for aufklarungs. A great tunic in minty sharp, untouched condition. COA accompanies.

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