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Beautiful Waffen-SS / SS-VT M35 Helmet


This is simply one of the nicest M35 SS helmets I’ve seen available lately. The helmet is a Q62, heat lot #20794, issued in the Quist factory dark grey-green feldgrau paint. The helmet was subsequently given a second coat of paint (the characteristic SS-VT milky-grey) and a set of CA Pocher runic and party shields, which are 99% present and show the gentle age toning and characteristics. There are signs of SS helmet cover clips having abraded this outer layer of paint in the spots where the clip is positioned when in wear, creating a cool feature of authenticity and period use. The liner is a 1940 period replacement, likely done the same time as the paint job because ofther examples in this configuration and paint color exist in collections including mine. This particular paint, liner treatment and decal application technique are noted on multiple examples of SS M35s, showing the continuous re-use of items of equipment that were not general issue to the SS– the SS had to contract for most of their equipment prior to and in the beginning stages of the war, and because of these shortages, their helmets reflect the multiple layers of paint and decals that are evident on original examples. As an historic SS item, this is unsurpassed; as an outstanding specimen of an M35 SS helmet, it is just beautiful. COA of course accompanies.  I’ve added additional pictures, and am willing to throw in this very nice 1940 pattern chin strap that would go nicely with the helmet.

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