Beautiful Waffen-SS Panzer Officer’s Visor Cap

SKU: UarspzO

Here is a striking, late war quality Waffen-SS officer’s Panzer piped visor cap. The condition overall is very good to excellent, with a lot of service and age wear to the pressed paper sweatband. The piping joins are correct, and the material reflects gentle age patina. The feinzinc Deschler  insignia show slight wear, even with the whole cap. They are possibly reattached, given that there is a slight ghost visible at the upper edge of the skull, and some slight looseness to the swastika area of the eagle. The Insignia match each other in condition and also match the cap condition. The imitation silk interior is cream colored and has a correct, slightly ‘brittle’ sweat diamond made of celluloid. The condition inside is very good, with the exception of the deteriorating sweatband. Overall a sharp looking, rare piece, with a lot of collector appeal. Contact me for price and other information.


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