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Beautiful, Unissued SS-VT / TV M37 Tunic


This tunic was never issued, showing no signs of insignia other than having once had a sleeve eagle. The thread remains where the eagle was removed. A noted expert on prewar SS garments pointed out the areas where the experimental wind guards in the cuffs and along the inner waste had been installed, but were removed ostensibly by the person issued the piece. The general features are the neck closure button and loop in the same way as the M36, but no French cuffs and no button belt hooks in the rear (these being replaced by the full internal strap system with removable belt hooks in the rear. The pockes in this design maintain the pleated breast pockets, and the slash lower pockets. The collar shows no sign of any tabs ever applied, and the cuff is bare of stitch holes. There is a small area of damage at the lower edge of the hem by the pocket, otherwise, no flaws or issues. This nearly pristine jacket is a must-have for the SS-VT / TV collector. COA accompanies.


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