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RESERVED (ms) Beautiful! ,,SS-Deutschland” Rottenführer Tunic


This incredible outfit has been hiding in a collection for over 20 years. It is top to bottom original badged Deutschland regiment, made at the infamous KL Ravensbruck. The tunic features red (artillery) piped enlisted boards, RZM matching tabs with two litzen and corresponding sleeve chevrons for Rottenführer, the later war RZM style sleeve eagle… and a phenomenal, original stitched RZM pattern block letter ,,Deutschland” cufftitle. The tunic shows very little wear, but is looped for a highly decorated soldier who also bore the EKII ribbon in his buttonhole. I am assuming this tunic was a ‘keep at home’ for when the soldier was on leave; or used for walking out. Regardless, it is a beauty and won’t last long. These are seldom seen and very desirable pieces. COA accompanies.

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