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Beautiful, Service Used SS-RZM Helmet


This is a fine, very rare and classic example of the SS-RZM helmet, fully marked and outfitted within the specifications of the RZM contract with the Brno, CZ manufacturer. These helmets were designed in 1934 ostensibly for combat use by SS personnel, and like other proposed battle helmet designs, such as the M34, proved inadequate. It was not until the M 1935 was developed that there was a proper helmet for combat use. So for the potentially seven to ten thousand or so RZM helmets produced, the best and most common use became parades and official duty use, such as guarding, security services, etc. This helmet features the parade gloss black factory finish (as opposed to the often encountered ‘gunmetal’ color); typical RZM style liner system, and expected carbine clip chinstrap unique to this specific helmet. The insignia are the classic CA Pocher runic and party shields, in fine condition with some nicks to the party shield. The top of the helmet, towards the rear, shows some rumples, but is otherwise perfect. The SS and RZM stampings are textbook–as described and shown in SS-Steel. There are not very many RZM helmets that still retain their parade black finish and original insignia. Many were repurposed toward the end of the war for Luftschutz, or TeNo type uses, and can be found in these configurations. This helmet is being offered out of probably the world’s premier SS-RZM helmet collection, and is a once in a longtime opportunity for collectors. COA accompanies.


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