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RESERVED (dn) Beautiful Normandy Camouflage Heer M40 Helmet


This is a truly outstanding condition Quist M40 Heer, with a beautiful original camo scheme that shows virtually no wear, as well as a blondish liner, suggesting that this helmet was provisioned for wear in combat perhaps by a rear-area troop who kept it in his gear or in a shelter. The specs are Q62, #296, with the interior showing the factory Quist paint, with some patina in the rear skirt. The liner shows very little use, but some dry rot at the edges. The pins and flanges are unmolested–no sign of liner replacement or tampering, just a clean example. The camo scheme is a sand-textured tan, light green, and dark green splotches as an accent. Overall a marvelous camo for the later war display. COA accompanies.

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