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Beautiful, Named US WWII M1 Steel Helmet, Firestone Liner


This is an outstanding and untouched US M1 helmet from a Northern NY old time military family with artifacts dating to before the civil war. This helmet and a couple of the German items (the SS Pz Trapezoid listed for example), plus items from other wars, came from this stash. The helmet is minty, not showing more than very light wear, with a hint of patina to the liner chinstrap. The steel helmet chinstrap is the earlier 11-row webbing with the blackened brass early style buckle. Most of the finish remains, with some brass showing through from age and patina. The cork textured paint appears crisp minty, as do the webbing and liner system. The liner bears the Firestone emblem in the dome. A sharp helmet, that is nearly museum quality and will display very well.

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