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*RESERVED* (r.e.) Beautiful, Mint SS-VT ,,Der Führer” Hauptsturmführer Shoulder Boards


This is a stunning, mint and rare set of SS-VT / Waffen-SS infantry Hauptsturmführer slip-on shoulderboards for SS Infantry Regiment ,,Der Führer.”  These boards are the textbook felt wool black underlay with straps for slip-on through the narrow shoulder loops. The screw-top buttons are mint and affixed to the boards as issued, and in the configuration the tailor would receive them for installation onto a new tunic. The sraight row, silver-white company grade officer braid is fine quality, and adorned with two gilt pips and matching gilt “DF” ciphers (correct, original), undisturbed and untouched. These are an unbelievably rare item of SS badging, and will not last long. COA accompanies.

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