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Beautiful, Mint and Unit-ID’d SS-RZM Helmet


This helmet reportedly originates from an old collection recently obtained, that includes a number of choice SS pieces, this being one of them. I have handled several dozen SS-RZM helmets and have only seen one other with a finish as fine as this one. These helmets, according to Ludwig Baer’s early research in the Bundesarchiv, were contracted by the SS around 1934-35, from outside the German Reich (this is well documented as part of the struggle of the SS in the early days to obtain weapons, equipment, recruitment and training– due to being shut out by the Wehrmacht high command for being political and not military in origin and function. This of course changed later after the war started). These helmets were intended to be military-use equipment, but were quickly rendered obsolete by the advent of the Model 1935. The SS continued to use these widely, often painting them black and or feldgrau depending on the need of the using unit at the time. The majority of these originated from the factory in black, but examples in this gunmetal color appear to have been manufactured or re-worked in the color the ‘Reichsheer’ had been using, which is sometimes called ‘grey-black’ (schwartzgrau). This helmet features the correct three pad German M16 style liner system, with hollow core rivets affixing the band to the shell. This is a hallmark of the product line of these helmets. The chinstrap is the uniquely SS-RZM pattern strap, with extra loop, keeper, and carbine-clip buckle. The SS and RZM stampings are precisely as illustrated in my books, and are a hallmark of this helmet type only.  There is a name and unit marking designating 2nd company, SS2, which was SS-Bereitschaft 2 prior to its re-designation as Germania regiment of the SS-VT. A superb and historic helmet of exquisite condition and rarity. COA accompanies.

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