HOLD rg Beautiful Heer M35 Camo

SKU: Mh1219

Here is a classic, striking Heer M35 camo, in classic Normandy colors. The helmet consists of an ET66, but the amount of paint on the interior skirt obscures any heat lot number.  The national colors are camo’d over (colors visible through the crackled paint), but the soldier discreetly left the Adler show through a thin spray camo covering. The colors are ordinance tan, grass green and brick red-orange. They are applied thinly and there are runs in areas, a trait of authenticity.  The interior bears the rank and name, Obergefreiter Wortmann. The liner features the early single-ply band implying a 1937 or earlier manufacture. The leather itself is blood damaged in the front, but it and the strap are original to the helmet. A truly great battle camo with original good looks, and will make an excellent addition to your heer helmet collection.  COA accompanies.