Beautiful Heer General Officer’s Visor Cap by Erel

SKU: UAjprsghgen2


This exquisite cap comes from an old collection that had many items hoarded over a long period of time, with no visibility. There are quite a few General items including this Erel visor. The cap has been vetted in hand by one of the foremost experts in the collecting world. His comments were that everything appears to be original, and there are special details such as the vented cap and vented insignia that are exquisite touches. His other observations are that the cap is made of Trikot instead of doeskin, which some collectors may dislike. But the lateness of the use of full celleon for the insignia, cap cord and cap piping falls in line with a Trikot body. The lining and band treatment are classic Erel, the piping joins are indicative of celleon, which is not as perfectly joined as aluminum bullion piping cord usually is. I will allow a 10 day inspection period on this cap, no questions asked if returned, so that the buyer may also vet it with his favorite expert to fully ensure it meets his approval. These are not growing on trees, and it is only proper to offer this kind of additional guarantee. Anything I sell comes with my lifetime COA as well.