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Beautiful, Earliest Pattern SS-TV Officer’s Bullion skull


This incredible collar tab is from the collection of one of the most renowned European collectors and is now offered for sale on the open market. Along with the ‘WB Dachau’ title in the other listing, this represents some of the rarest insignia ever produced by the SS-TV in their earliest days. The workmanship is exquisite showing the expected characteristics of the few known originals. References for these types of items can be found in Andrew Mollo’s, Jack Angolia’s, Ulric of England’s Mark Bando’s and others’ works on SS insignia. The workmanship shows the typical badge cloth with bullion wire embroidered front facing skull in the early pattern. This tab is not numbered meaning it is at a battalion or higher level of administration. The backing is the classic wide-weave buckram that is lacquered, and the edging treatment is typical of original examples as well. This will not last and deserves to be in the finest SS Insignia collection. COA accompanies.


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