HOLD (cg) Beautiful and Well-Published SS M35 Helmet

SKU: Wspmet1

Collectors can spend a lifetime pursuing a helmet of this quality and not be able to attain it. Here is that opportunity. This helmet pushes all the buttons of being a classic ET 1939 production with all of the correct expected and desired features in place. The Finish is the beautiful darker pea green ET feldgrau, with Factory applied CA Pocher rooms and an ET pattern party shield. This type of mixed Insignia occurred often as ET was transitioning 1938 to 1939, and beginning to use more Pochers on their product than ET pattern shields. All of the components are period untouched original to the helmet, and dated 1939. The liner bears the initials PB and the name P Boltz appears in the helmet. There is also another name inscribed but removed gently from the liner. This suggests to potential owners during the war time. Other than one small period impact dimple in the right rear upper skullcap area, the helmet is in pristine condition, with only slight use. There are also some abrasions to the party Shield area. The runic Shield survives 100% intact with just one minor abrasion to the lacquer. All in all this stunning piece is one of the best available anywhere and has been published in several books to date. COA of course.

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