Austrian Grenzschutz Helmet

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Here is a very fine, lightly used example of an Austrian Grenzschutz transitional helmet, manufactured after WWI and used by the Austrian border guard units. It is outfitted with the Czech style 3 pad liner and strap system (Brno, Czechoslovakia was a large producer of commercially available paramilitary headgear, much of which was used by the SS during their equipping phase of the mid 1930s). The finish is the typical grey-brown finish, with the ordinance bomb affixed to the left side of the shell (you can see traces under the finish of another emblem that had been on during the helmet’s previous usage). The helmet is marked “LGK ST 482” on the strap (Landes / Grenz-Kommando Standarte 482?). Overall a nice collectible helmet that is fairly hard to come by. Sale includes COA.

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