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Allgemeine-SS Transitional Parade Helmet


This specimen is what is commonly known as the Allgemeine-SS ‘droop bill’ transitional helmet. These were made commercially for the SS by contract, as they had no access to the Wehrmacht supply or recruitment systems until the late 1930s. This helmet was produced around 1934, and consists of a group Bill style commercially stamped shell with M16 style liner with 3 pads and leather Miner band. The double buckle M16 style chin strap is affixed directly to the leather liner band. The liner band is affixed to the helmet by means of the expected hollow core pop rivets. Under the tongue or the Maker’s stamp in red ink indicating this was produced in the darmstadt area. The Finish started out as field gray and then was given a spray gloss black finish, with the overspray visible on the liner pads. This is a common and expected Hallmark of ss prewar issue helmets. There are no decals; the helmet was used prior to the advent of ss helmet Insignia, and remained in this configuration without alteration. This is a fine example, worthy of the most advanced SS helmet collection. COA companies.

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