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Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT Black Parade Transitional Helmet


This helmet is an Austrian M16 WWI shell that has been re-purposed for use by the SS during the early to mid 1930s. The helmet features the black paint, hand applied, with the three pad leather liner and steel liner band combination. The helmet’s decals are the typical CA Pocher set, which show wear from repeated parade polishing–a common practice that diminished the decals over time. The party shield shows light touch up to the red part of the shield, but this appears to be period done, as the closeups reveal a lot of black wax patina within the fine cracks. The helmet bears an inscription to a soldier in the LAH. Overall a great example of a scarce helmet. (The consignor has made a an incredibly reasonable price on this rare helmet). COA accompanies.

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