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SOLD (ab) Allgemeine-SS Fűhrungs-Level Hauptscharfűhrer Tunic, Contract Made


This is an extra fine quality example of an Allgemeine-SS contract tunic. It bears size markings and a VA stamp, rather than the typical RZM labeling and markings, indicating likely procurement from a private source. The MW on the belt hanger hardware in the back provides a small clue to the contractor, or contract nature of the piece. The sleeve lining pillow ticking is also different from the RZM style construction of these. The collar and tabs are piped in the correct gauge and construction of candy stripe piping, and the textbook tabs– while being hand sewn, appear to be attached with old thread, possibly period done. There is an impression on the left sleeve where a diamond was attached. It could have been RuS, SD, legal, or other ministry level insignia. The shoulder board may have been resewn as well (see picture of juncture at the seam).  The armband is textbook and fine, with a couple of moth nips in the rear. Overall the tunic presents very well, and is priced according to the mentioned observations. COA with those caveats included.

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