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SOLD (gh) Afrikakorps Panzer Insignia Lot


 Uncommon lot of early panzer insignia from the Deutsche Afrikakorps (DAK).  The straps can be dated to 1941 through mid-1942 because of the brown wool backing material.  These early shoulder straps are not easy to find.  The vast majority of tropical insignia found on the market dates from 1943 or later.  Condition varies from VG+ to EXC, but all are field worn.  No mothing except on the overcoat strap.
1.  Panzer Leutnant shoulder board with pink piping from Panzer-Regiment 8 of 15.Panzer-Division.
2.  Panzer-grenadier Unteroffizier shoulder strap with meadow green piping.
3.  Panzer crewman shoulder strap with pink piping.
4.  Panzer crewman shoulder strap with pink piping.  Wonderful “bleached” example.
5.  Panzer crewman shoulder strap with pink piping.  Wonderful “bleached” example.
5.  Panzer Feldwebel shoulder strap with pink piping.
6.  Artillery overcoat shoulder strap with red piping.  This one is not panzer related and has some visible moth damage.
7.  Entire “AFRIKAKORPS” cufftitle removed from a sleeve.  It does have four minor thumb tack holes, but they do not detract from the appearance.
Excellent opportunity to obtain some original combat worn insignia from Rommel’s early 1941-42 campaigns in North Africa.  These early panzer and panzer-grenadier straps would have been worn by 15.Panzer-Division or 21.Panzer-Division personnel.  Priced reasonably as a lot at $1850.00.


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