On Hold Historic 3rd Infantry Veteran Bringback Waffen-SS Helmet

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This historic and beautiful helmet was obtained by a young US Army Sergent in the aftermath of a battle in which he earned the Silver Star for suppressing an enemy machine gun nest. The narratives of the award writeup are contained in the file copies in this listing. Essentially, within about two weeks’ fighting in the Colmar pocket (Dec 44- Jan 45), this sergeant earned both the Bronze star and the Silver Star for valor. I was contacted by his granddaughter and allowed the opportunity to obtain this war trophy, which her grandfather took off the head of the machinegunner.

The helmet itself is a Quist size 62 shell, heat lot number 1878, with the expected dark greenish feldgrau found more on the 1939 production Quist helmets. The decals are the Quist pattern runic and party shields, factory glue and lacquer applied. There is a film of original dirt on the helmet that has never been touched or cleaned. Underneath this must be a nearly mint paint finish and fine condition  decals. The liner shows a lot of sweat wear and the long end of the chinstrap is missing, appearing to have fallen away from fragility. There is a name in the rear skirt, scratched with a sharp instrument “Dietze.” There is a faint ink inscription with the name Fippl and a barely discernable unit designation in the side of the liner. The veteran put this helmet away and did not play with it. The granddaughter said he would get it down for special occasions to tell the story of how he obtained it and how hard the fighting was in the final stages of WWII. A wonderful memento of conquest, from a known soldier, in fine, collectible condition. My COA accompanies this sale.