ON HOLD Historic LAH Ostfront KIA Soldier’s Grouping

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This is a very unique grouping discovered near a battle site that the LAH and others participated in during the campaign of 1941. The items consist of a skull ring with an initial inside; both shoulder straps, indicating rank as SS-Untersharfuhrer, apparently piped in black for Pionier troops. Also present are the partial cufftitle, an RZM pattern enlisted Adolf Hitler enlisted piece. An aluminum buckle dated 1938. The narrative from the original digger is as follows: “The Leibstandart Adolf Hitler sleeve patch, buckle, shoulder straps and ring, were found with one soldier from the SS division of Leibstandart Adolf Hitler, who died under the battle of Taganrog in 1941.  A soldier was found quite by accident near Taganrog, not far from the road, where he was buried by his comrades.  Apparently this burial was made after the battle, where he died.  The remains of a soldier and tag were transferred for burial to the memorial cemetery of Apsheronsk city, Krasnodar Territory.  The soldier was found in 2009.”

All in all, a very unique and historic grouping belonging to a member of the LAH who fell in battle on the Ostftront. COA included.


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