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  • Awards and Decorations

    (m.h.)SS-Pz Division ,,Das Reich” KIA Soldbuch, Awards, and Document Grouping

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  • Heer, LW, KM Headgear

    Italian MVSN Fascist General Dress Fez

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  • Heer, Luftwaffe, KM and Civic Helmets

    (w.p.)Outstanding Heer Pionier M35, Normandy Camouflage Helmet

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  • Cloth Insignia, Medals & badges

    Kriegsmarine Bicorn Fore & Aft Uniform Hat

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  • Cloth Insignia, Medals & badges

    Heer Pionier NCO Waffenrock

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  • Heer, LW, KM Headgear

    Killer Heer Panzer Officer M43

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  • Heer, Luftwaffe, KM and Civic Helmets

    (d.h.)Sharp Luftwaffe M35

    $3,085.00 Read more

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