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Completely Mint ET68 M35, with factory issue CA Pocher SS Runic and Party shields.

Collection Gallery

Early SS-VT Transitional Helmet with VT style Runic and Swastika Decals. Most insignia examples known (6 original examples known so far) are hand painted, but three, including this example, are decals. For video archives of this type of insignia in use, watch Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will.”  

SS-VT NCO’s Cloth billed crusher. This cap was one of a quantity brought back from Poland by Andrew Mollo. True crushers have a slightly more narrow cap band than standard visor caps. This one has a pressed paper sweatband and matching orange lining.

Waffen-SS M35 helmet by Quist. The heat lot number is 189, signifying a very early production of this maker. The single-ply liner band and chinstrap are both dated 1937. The size 66 shell has three layers of finish: initial issue field-grey factory finish, next a black finish for parade use, and lastly a bluish field Gray outside finish with set of CA Pocher runic and party shields adorning it. The helmet was the property of SS-Hauptscharfuhrer Gustav Laub, who was killed in the Ardennes, by the GI who brought this helmet back, Robert Pensock. Pensock is pictured in a newspaper article with this helmet in 2004 on the 60th anniversary of D-Day.  The helmet Bears the inscription “Laub, 10 -SS / ,D'” in the rear skirt, as well as the surname Laub in the liner.  A premier researcher had little trouble locating the exact person based on the inscription and signature.

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