October 2019 Featured Helmet

This M35 Double Decal SS helmet came directly to me from the family of the recently deceased veteran. We met in person and I was able to learn a little bit about the gentleman who brought this back. His name was Sgt. Daniel Peterman, and he served with the 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. The pictures below contain his unit and awards information. According to his grandson, a retired Army Officer himself, Peterman earned the Silver Star in the intense fighting of the Colmar Pocket, by taking out a German Machine Gun nest. The helmet was worn by the SS gunner. It is a Q62 M35, with factory finish and Q Pattern SS and party shields. It bears two German names, indicating multiple ownership, which was common.

October 2018 Featured Helmet

This helmet is a Q66 M40 SS, heat lot T1206  (corroborated in the batch number list as Waffen-SS single decal), with a sprayed and hand mopped camo finish that is in very nice, service used condition. The name KREFFT appears faintly in the liner. The added beauty of this one is the correct and matching camo cover that came with it. The camo paint shows areas where the fabric of the cover was imprinted into the paint– obviously this soldier did not have a lot of time for the paint to cure–he had a battle to fight!  A real eye-candy piece for us, and the owner is indeed lucky to have such a rare and nice piece as this. In my opinion having held it in hand, it is a moderately used SS helmet, runes removed at some point in service, then was likely camo’d around the Normandy time frame. The cover has been on the helmet long enough to show front rim-wear, and that ‘look’ of being a worn together set. I estimate it more or less matches the Normandy time — certainly in the camo scheme; or a little later in ’44 / early ’45. These are some studio pictures I took, showing the basic features. Enjoy!