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October Featured Helmet

I didn’t believe my ears when I first heard about this helmet, but once I had it in hand, I realized that these are still out there… This helmet is a size 66 Q M40 with a sprayed and hand mopped camo finish that is in very nice condition. The added beauty of this one is the correct and matching camo cover that came with it. A real eye-candy piece for us, and the owner is indeed lucky to have such a rare and nice piece as this. In my opinion having held it in hand, it is a moderately used SS helmet that was likely camo’d around the Normandy time frame. The cover has been on the helmet long enough to show that ‘look’ and would more or less match the Normandy time or a little later in ’44 / early ’45. These are some quick snaps I took, showing the basic features. Enjoy!

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German Cross in Gold Holders of the SS and Police Volume 8 Wiking: Keppler to Zah

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By Kelly Hicks

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