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Updated 13 January.. UA86, Polished Cotton Dachau Souvenir Camo P44 Camo Jacket; UA85, Mint Fez with Vet Provenance. UA81, Outstanding Wiking Title and Photos; UA82 Nice Original SS-Panzer EM Portrait. UA80 Heer Medic's Portrait and Photo Grouping Ua79 AH Signed Photograph! HOLD UA78, Outstanding SS-TV 1939 Mantel. UA76, Hungarian 22nd SS "Maria Theresa" Jaeger's M44 Jacket; UA57, Superb M40 Heer NCO Tunic SOLD; UA77, 6th SS Nord Licence Plate SOLD; UA76, Field-made SS M43 Camo Cap. Ua 67, Sepp Dietrich Table Knife; Ua72 New, Fantastic ,Germania' Ostuf Mantel; Ua73 Nice SS Officer's Sword, Ua74 SS Officer's Belt! Also, Scroll Down for more Outstanding, Original SS Tunics, plus Many Other Fine, Original Items.

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Premier Items



Ua79, Hand-Autographed AH Photo. Here is a very nicely signed, superb condition photograph of the Fuhrer, reviewing a parade in Hamburg, a couple of months before his 50th birthday. The photograph is marked as a press photo by Josef Schorer (see description doc). The autograph has been independetly authenticated by two premier AH experts. This is un-framed and ready for a centerpiece Fuhrer display! Price includes COA HOLD 2150 USD.



UA78 Outstanding SS-Totenkopfverband Fuhrer's Mantel. This is a mint, rare and stunning example of SS-TV cloth; a VA-SS 1939 issued mantel in an M36 pattern, badged for a totenkopf Ostuf. Well marked, with maker and VA issue stamp; beautiful matching RZM-SS cottage industry hand embroidered skull and rank tabs (pips have the proper ss-rzm dimple in the center), period applied and unaltered. The sleeve eagle is an early SS-VT style, much favored by the hard core SS officers of the early war period. It is neatly zig-zag affixed to the sleeve. The right sleeve has the feldgrau version of the 'ehrenwinkel' affixed by hand. The boards are period unaltered SS pattern Ostuf of infanterie, with white piping and black underlay. They have the correct 15mm gilt pips. The buttons are "Motz" which I have observed on other SS contract cloth pieces. Sword aperture is present in the lower left. This mantel has been perfectly cared for and has no flaws. A chance to own a VA-SS issue marked 'textbook' SS piece is attractive. Early Cloth Collectors, you just don't see these untouched like this! Price includes COA 14.5K USD.



Ua81, Outstanding Reichsbahn (Railway) Eagle Very nice eagle, completely original and professionally mounted. Well-marked and in fine condition. Nice size for a dominant display piece. Price includes display and professionally made walnut mount backboard. COA SOLD 2950 USD.



Elegant UA75 Allgemeine-SS / SS-VT / Allgemeine-SS Fuhrer's Visor Cap. Topping off today's listing is a superb black officer's visor cap, kleiderkasse. The size is at least 57, with a nice high peak and un-messed-with insignia. The cap is one of the classic black fine cotton lined, plane celluloid shield (with a chunk missing), leatherette sweatband and RZM SS marked vulkanfiber visor. The cap also has the appropriate label under the sweatband. A beautiful cap that displays well with the Mantel below. Price includes COA SOLD 15K USD.



UA72 SS-VT ,Germania' Obersturmfuhrer's Black Mantel. I am proud to offer this superb consignment piece, probably one of the finer black uniform items I've seen. For starters, the wool quality is fine, made to stand up to those North German cold seasons. The lining is black silk, unmarked and un-labeled. The insignia are expertly period machine applied, with the exception, commonly, of the ,alte kampfer' chevron, which is hand applied and signifies former police membership. The collar is silver piped, and the matching bullion ,SS2' and Ostuf tabs are finely machine applied. The incredibly delicate hand embroidered ,Germania' cuffband is also finely machine affixed, including placing the running ends of the cuffband through to the interior of the French cuff, where they are joined and sewn down. The fully RZM-labeled armband is superbly affixed with snaps and is perfect. Overall, this piece is a stunner and would be a splendid addition to the best of collections. Price includes COA SOLD 16.5K USD.




UA73 SS-VT / Allgemeine-SS Fuhrer's Degen. This excellent sword is in fine condition and complete with the original, correct pattern Officer's portapee. The blade is not re-polished and shows strongly. The nickel handguard / crossguard is free of dings and nicks, and the handle and scabbard show minor wear commensurate with age and moderate use. Overall a great piece to top off an Allgemeine or VT display. Price includes COA 7600 USD.



Ua86, P44 Erbsentarn 4 Pocket Tunic in Polished Cotton--Dachau Souvenir. The last remnants of the Dachau grouping including the helmet and box (see helmets page) consist of this tunic and issue of "Signal" magazine, which were both souvenired at Dachau by the same GI, along with the other items listed on the box cover. This piece carries that provenance. The jacket is a very small size, and features polished cotton material, and construction characteristics perfectly commensurate with typical Dachau / KL manufactured items of clothing, right down to the treatment of the bandage pouch, armpit lining, collar underneath, and buttons. The buttons are the earlier tropical colored molded buttons, dated '42. There are no size or other markings visible. Interestingly, the accompanying issue of Signal has an autumn '44 article called "Crack Babies," which tells the story of the HJ Division in their own words and features among others, the familiar images of some very small adolescent boys participating in battle. This jacket is interesting, mint and an historic piece of Dachau SS military production, appropriate for the historical SS combat display. Price includes COA 6500 USD.



UA74 Sepp Dietrich Tableware (knife). Here is a fine table knife with provenance to Sepp Dietrich. The accompanying document gives some additional details. A personal item from an iconic SS leader! Price includes COA 550 USD.



Ua83, Nice Original SS-Panzer EM Portrait in the Original Frame. This piece is a nice rendering of an SS-Panzer trooper, which has been dry-mounted and framed in the period. The matting and picture have been removed, but the mounting tape matches on both. A must have for a nice panzer display. Price includes COA 550 USD.



Ua80, Wiking Cufftitle and Photo Collection. This array of SS items came from a small collection out of Germany. The title and photos are not being offered as having been from the same individual, as that cannot be provenanced, but the collection is from the same local Germany collector source and is grouped together for this listing. The minty title is the bevo-like style in a bright silver-white rayon thread, with silk edging and expected salt and pepper backing. Just an exquisite uncut title. The photos show an SS-Wiking Division NCO during 1943-44, in various scenes alone and with his new bride. The uniform shots are great. All photos except the postcard size are inscribed in Sutterlin and dated. The photos can be purchased separately from the title. Price includes COA Title: 2400 USD, Photos: HOLD 400 USD.



UA65 SS-TV Side Cap, Very Nicely Named! This cap is a Teufel and Sohn, dated 1941. So it is immediately a desirable piece, made by one of the sought after makers. Secondly, it has a great name tape sewn inside, naming it to a member of 9th Company, SS ,Deutschland.' The cap itself is a gently toned feldgrau, with correct triangle SS-VT eagle on the side above the scallop, and a feldgrau painted button skull, Deschler type, on the front. Excellent piece for the early wartime VT display. Price includes COA 6200 USD.



UA9 Waffen-SS NCO's Private Purchase Visor Cap Here is a very good example of an SS NCO's private purchase cap, by Rekord of Bavaria. The cap body is a high quality light grey wool, with badgecloth band and white piping. The lining is off-white silk and rayon blend. The sweatband shows high quality workmanship similar to ErEl or Pekuro. The insignia are fine and show wear commensurate with the age of the cap, but do not match. Price includes COA 6500 USD.



UA80 Heer Medic's Portrait and Photo Grouping This interesting grouping is recenly out of an antique shop, brought in by a previous owner years ago. The completeness of the grouping is remarkable, suggesting the items may have been brought into the antique shop by the actual German. The reason I say that is that the completeness of the items, including the original photo processing packet , are included. That seems more personal than a GI looting the entire lot of pictures and their envelope...but that is lost to history. What we do know is the soldier's name and hometown, which adds to the history of the grouping. Evidently his close friend or brother was a Fallschirmjaeger, given the nice early photo of a trooper in his step-in smock and full rig. The large framed portrait is a nice representation of a young soldat in his period best, capping off the grouping in terms of display. All items priced reasonably comsidering the scope and quantity of the photos. Price includes COA HOLD 725 USD.






Uniform Items -- SS



UA85 Waffen-SS Fez, Mint, Vet Purchase Here is another superb Fez example, picked up from Dachau by 87th Inf Div Jeep Driver, Daniel Marien of the Bronx. He is pictured driving the jeep he named after his sister Barbara. The fez is mint, shows the typical treatment of the insignia application, the sweatband and is tagged 56 underneath. The tassel is nicely factory tacked down, keeping up the nice appearance of this piece. Price includes COA HOLD for HJ 1250 USD.



UA74 SS Officer's belt and buckle Here we have an SS Officer's belt that shows moderate use. The belt is unmarked, shows wear and is missing the keepers. It has loops for a cross strap for an early display. The Buckle is a mid-war 'feinzinc' with silver wash in very good condition. Overall a nice belt for an SS Officer's display. Price reflects the condition HOLD for CZ 1750 USD.



UA59 Beautiful Waffen-SS Officers' Parade Belt Ensemble This belt is in very fine condition, showing little wear. There is mild age toning but no damage, no oxidation, and nothing missing. The RZM tag is still affixed to the underside of the inner tongue. The size mark is 110 cm. Beautiful belt! COA will accompany sale 3.2K USD.



UA84 Waffen-SS Zeltbahn Nice condition Zeltbahn with no buttons missing. Two small field repairs, fall side colors still vivid. Slight fading to the spring side. Overall very good zelt! Price with COA 1K USD.




UA54 Gorgeous SS Contract 3rd SS Panzer Division "Totenkopf" Infantry Untersharfuhrer's tunic. This example is an untouched, slightly salty tunic with all the desired SS design features. The measurements are based on the SS Template, for example the nape to skirt portion is '43 / 68,' which is correct. Secondly, the bandage pouch button hole is horizontal. Third, the lining area shows the two angle cut of the SS, not the 3 angle cut of the Heer style. The insignia are period untouched: the zig-zag applied sleeve eagle is original issue to the tunic, as are the tabs and boards. The tresse is slightly sewn over the bottom edge of the collar tabs, in that one-look desirable manner. The 'pumpkin head' skull tab has a light run of mothing across the top edge. The white piped "Uscha" boards have slight oxidation and field wear to the tresse, and the nap is worn across the entire piece. There is no damage, but present are a few tiny holes in the rear sleeve areas. Only a hint of nap in the cuffband area suggests there was a title, and upon further scrutiny, I can see a partial machine stitch line on the rear of the sleeve, along the edge of the corresponding area of remaining nap, which definitively indicates a cuffband was once on the tunic. The additional wear from an overcoat or smock has produced later wear across the areas of the cuffband, thus it was likely worn without a cuffband until the surrender. Overall, this piece is a one-look, absolute SS-TK combat piece, that has "been there." My COA will accompany purchase. Price SOLD 8.5k USD.






UA51 Mint and Complete Waffen-SS SS-Mann's Uniform Set, SS-BW (Dachau) Manufacture For sale is a uniform set that is one of the nicest and most complete I have seen offered. As a testament to the determination of this collector, he strove to perfection in every piece he collected. This gathering of what represents a full SS enlisted uniform, circa 1944/45, took the consignor years to assemble. From cap to boots, all of it is in mint, correct condition, with no issues. The collector sought these out from the best names in military antiques over the years. The items are listed below and can be purchased individually or as a grouping. The grouping price is 30K USD and individual prices are listed below. A COA will accompany this purchase. (I am listing the helmet with this offering instead of on the helmets page, to maintain the integrity of the offering).

  • M43 Cap. Stone mint, simply size marked 57, correct treatment of the scallops, machine-sewn insignia, etc. 4.5K USD
  • Tunic. Period badged, SS-Mann of infantry. Sleeve eagle is the pattern found on SS-Paratrooper smocks. Jacket is marked with the Trawnicki issue facility stamp "t" 8.5K USD
  • Belt. Mint buckle; Prag maker for leather. SOLD 850 USD
  • Trousers. Dachau bringback provenance (info can be provided), mint, marked.SOLD 1800 USD
  • Sweater, Italian capture (beute stoff). MintSOLD 350 USD
  • Boots. Mint, well marked 1945 pair.SOLD 2.5K USD
  • Mantel. Mint, well marked SS-BW example, no issues. 1.5K USD
  • SS infantry boards, mint.850 USD
  • Helmet. EF64, M42, size marked 57. Superb example of a correct, period applied CA Pocher decal on an EF factory issue helmet. This Pocher shows the printing mis-registry often seen on the wartime produced examples. The consignor reports that this helmet was direct vet-family sourced and the veteran details will be supplied on purchase.HOLD 8.5K USD


    UA5 Rare Waffen-SS Panzer Denim Protective Jacket and Matching Trousers This rare outfit is a once in a long time SS artifact. They bear matching markings and are dated 1945. The material is heavy denim and shows moderate wear with no damage or holes. The jacket shows clear sun fading, revealing the outline and remaining stitching of a cufftitle. The sleeve eagle is original to the jacket, as is the partially attached rank tab. The runic tab is missing. The shoulderboards black light very well, but do not match in wear on the monograms so I am not factoring them into the price of the outfit. There are very few of these utility outfits known and I am pleased to be able to handle it, examine it and offer it. For the tank man collector! A COA will accompany this purchase. 13K USD.



    UA6 Handsome, Combat Worn Waffen-SS Erbsentarnmuster Tunic This tunic originates from the same collection as other cloth pieces featured here and is an excellent example of a late war camo battle dress. The size marks are crisp, with an SS-BW (KL Dachau) manufacturer's mark. The sleeve eagle is machine sewn textbook fashion and overall the wear is strong medium. The tunic is missing one button but is otherwise complete and sharp. Price with COA 6.9K USD.




    UA8 Sharp Mid-war Waffen-SS Officer's Visor Cap This is an excellent Kleiderkasse issue Waffen-SS officer's visor, with no issues. The alumi Deschler skull and feinzinc eagle are not a match--the skull appears completely period applied. lining, materials and construction are all commensurate with other roughly 1942-43 examples. All in all a great cap of nicer quality. Priced reasonably at 7.8K USD.



    UA12 Ultra Rare Gau Essen Buckle A friend of mine in NY City finds a lot of collectibles in the course of his daily job. Many are vet family purchases, or from old collections being broken up. This buckle features all the hallmarks of an original, but I am unsure if the belt matches. (Belt has sold). Price for Buckle, including COA, 1150 USD.






    UA16 LAH M37 Aufklarungs Tunic, Mint This Jacket apparently was a mid-war badged and tailored piece, and likely not worn much at all. The rank is SS-Mann, featuring RZM style tabs and 1942 period RZM pattern sleeve eagle. The boards are beautiful Recon piped golden yellow with slip on LAH cyphers. The cuffband is a machine applied Bevo quality AH title. The cut is Heer, and there are signs of alteration to the shoulders (shoulder inserts), collar and billow pockets, to create a sharp appearance, which was commonly done. Matching, piped trousers are available. Price, including COA, tunic:SOLD 9.2k USD, trousers: 900 USD.






    Uniform Items -- Wehrmacht



    UA57 Superb Early Heer Senior NCO Tunic This fine NCO piece was sold to a prominent collector by Bill Shea in the early 2000's, then sold by me to another collector a few years later. It has been very well curated in the intervening years. It is essentially a minty example of a 1939-40 issue combat jacket, with all insignia period applied and untouched. Jewel condition throughout and well-marked. A great tunic for your Westfeldzug display! Price includes my COA. HOLD 2750 USD.



    UA24 Luftwaffe General's Pennant This pennant comes from an advanced collection and is of a superb, high quality cello embroidery with fine gilt ribbon edging with Hakenkreuz motifs. The material is high quality blue-grey wool. I have left this piece in the frame for the pictures, but the rear glass can be easily removed with no damage to the pennant as it is free floating mounted. The high-quality dual sided frame enables excellent, instant displaying of this piece. This is a superb piece of embroidery and overall workmanship, and would be a fine capstone to a high ranking Luftwaffe ensemble. Price includes my COA. 3850 USD.








    UA28 Luftwaffe Pilot Grouping--Benno Hecker This grouping to a Luft Flieger was denazified by the owner, who continued to keep his belongings well after the war. Consignor does not have any research on who Benno Hecker was, but it would be worth the effort I feel. Interesting and historic medal and document grouping. Price 925 USD.




    UA30 Luftwaffe Pith Helmet Insignia Two sets of pith helmet shields, good condition, with a prong missing off one eagle. Sets sold separately. Lower Price! Each 295 USD (Gold Set SOLD).








    UA31 Luftwaffe Triangular Vehicle Pennant. This pennant is in standard blue-grey cloth and shows wear from having been in long use on a vehicle. Price includes COA Price 275 USD




    UA32 Luftwaffe Triangular Vehicle Pennant. Excellent condition, this early eagle pennant has the soft shell celluloid encasement with leather trim and snaps. The mounting post is present, making this an exceptionally complete piece. Consignor has priced his last items for quick sale. It is the best and most complete example you'll ever find. Price includes COA Price 995 USD




    UA33 Luftwaffe Rectangular Vehicle Pennant for Signals. This example, priced very reasonably, is a machine ebroidered Adler on heavy canvas, which is then coated witih varnish to stiffen it and act as weather proofing. Excellent condition, showing signs of having been on a vehicle, but with only light wear overall. Rare pennant! Price includes COA PRICE 1750 USD






    UA34 Heer Artillery NCO Service Dress Uniform Tunic. Larger size than usual. All original and unaltered. Has internal dagger hanger, Loops for various awards, and a "Padded" Specialist NCO Qualification badge on the left sleeve. This tunic is in superb condition showing light age. Purchased by the consignor from a veteran along with 2 other Heer Tunics and other items at a gun show in Buffalo New York in 1975. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.Tunic Only 1785 USD



    UA35 Luft 4 Pocket EM Tunic. A dead mint 77 year old tunic, which is as new as the day it was manufactured. It is almost impossible to find relics as mint as this these days. Price includes my certificate of authenticity. Tunic Only 1575 USD



    UA36 Fallschirmjager splinter pattern ammo bandoleer. This item is in excellent condition, well marked, and has one field-replaced button. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 1100



    UA39 Heer Officer's Piped Field Service Uniform. This is an exquisite uniform outfit for a Heer infantry officer, in near-pristine condition. The tunic features high quality doeskin feldgrau wool, fine bullion insignia and piped edging overall. The trousers are a stone grey straight leg white piped pair, matched to the tunic. The workmanship, condition and insignia application make this one of the very nicest available on the market in some time. Price includes my certificate of authenticity. PRICE 3K USD




    UA40 Heer Pionier NCO's Parade Waffenrock. This is an excellent condition waffenrock that appears to have been used as an everyday wear tunic during the early part of the war. It Features all the early materials and insignia for a Heer Pionier. Closeups of the boards reveal impressions where unit cyphers once were. Full lining is un-frayed and there is only one tiny moth nip to the exterior (see the board picture), which is a fine quality trikot wool. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.Price 1500 USD



    Wehrmacht Visor and Soft Caps




    Heer Tropical Later War M43 Cap Nice, well marked and good condition cap, dated 1944. Application of the insignia is textbook and overall the cap displays very well. 1650 USD.







    Luftwaffe NCO Visor Cap for Flieger / FJ. This hat is simply mint, with a high saddle and fine quality workmanship known of the Pekuro maker. A one-look original and will grace any Luftwaffe collection. Price includes COA Price 1095 USD





    Excellent, early Luftwaffe NCO Schirmutze for Signals. Untouched, top condition all around and featuring the desirable early materials. The cap is almost mint. Price is Price 525 USD





  • Luft Flak Helferin Side Cap, Rare, Price 190 USD
  • Miscellaneous Items



    Heer Officer's Brocade Parade Belt and Buckle. Very nice set, excellent condition and unaltered. Price includes my COA. 380 USD


    DAK Heer Officer's Tropical Belt. This rare DAK belt is a nice size in excellent condition and features the heavy web Officer's canvas web belt and correct (original to it) feldgrau Heer Officer's belt. A beautiful piece, not often encountered. Price includes my COA.New Price 1400 USD




    Heer Officer's Brocade Parade Belt and Buckle. Very nice set, excellent condition and unaltered, size is approx.95. Price includes my COA.HOLD 275 USD


    1938 Heer trousers. Very good condition early field grey stiefelhosen with no damage and light to medium wear. These will display nicely with any Heer or Waffen-SS uniform ensemble. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.New Price 500 USD  





    Minty and rare SA Marine visor cap. This one was featured in one of John R. Angolia's headgear books in the 1980s and is a very nice example. See accompanying provenance documentation. Super for an NSDAP collection! The price, incluing my COA, is USD 3400




    Nice Heer NCO visor cap, early quality. Decent example with typical loosening of the visor (some loose tacking is visible to try to hold it on). The price, incluing my COA, is USD 390




    Nice Fire Police visor cap, early quality. Standard cap in early quality materials and complete insignia. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 345




    Mint tropical M38 enlisted feldmutze. Absolutely no flaws, superb condition, machine sewn insignia. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 750



    Luftwaffe Flight Helmet, scarcer model. Complete and labeled. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 375






    Unissued Heer Afrika Korps Enlisted Overseas Cap

    For sale is a nice untouched example of an Afrika Korps Overseas hat, circa 1941, unissued but stained from grommets. It is priced at USD 700.  

    Miscellaneous, Daggers, Accoutrements




    Panzer Throat Mike Set. Nice condition, original and complete. Price, including my lifetime guarantee of authenticity, is 495 USD