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1 December Big Update is Here! Allgemeine General's Tunic, Himmler's Love Letters, Many Other Great Items, Including Other Tunics, Caps and More. Scroll Down for Camo Items Too!

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New Premier Third Reich Listings



Rare! Allgemeine-SS Obergruppenfuhrer Tunic, Partially Re-badged This tunic came as a consignment from an older collection and I asked Dave D. to vet the piece in hand. His findings were the jacket is original and the buttons are original to it; the collar braid and collar tabs are original and very likely original to the tuinc. The brassard is original but likely re-attached. The shoulderboard is not the same as other SS general officer shoulder boards and is re-applied. The cuffband is made from a spool of panzerknacker (tank destruction) material, not a RFSS special staff cuffband. The old campaigners' chevron is missing. Given the fine quality of the jacket and likely original application of the tabs / braid, this excellent piece is priced at 20K USD.



Very Special Offering Heinrich Himmler's Love Letters Offered for sale is a unique, rare and historic grouping on Heinrich Himmler, unlike any that has been offered before. This grouping was part of a large collection of other artifacts and mementos. The letters were acquired by an American intelligence officer at the end of W.W. II. A number of years ago, they were acquired from the veteran's family by the current owner. They are fresh to the market, have never been in another collection, have never been exhibited, and have never been published. These letters, cards and drawings provide a rare glimpse into Himmler's psyche and personality, especially those which deal with his secretary and mistress (and mother of his illegitimate children Helge and Nanette) Hedwig Potthast. They all feature his distinctive, extraordinary and unique Sutterlin script handwriting. The grouping comprises about 60 letters comprising 120 historic and rare hand-written pages written by Himmler himself to his mistress, plus a number of legal documents related to the birth and registry of the children. Of note are photos including one of Wewelsburg Castle and of Himmler in his famous "SS-1" licensed staff car. Also of note are several Waffen SS postcards with Himmler's handwriting on the reverse. The letters are dated between 1940 and 1944, and were hand-delivered to Potthast by General Karl Wolff. The content focuses on Himmler's private life and also the course of the war. All in all a superb and important grouping that adds another dimension of visibility into the life and mind of the world's most prolific executioner, RFSS Heinrich Himmler. Inquire for more details. USD.



Waffen-SS Officer's Panzer Wrap Here is an excellent condition, killer example of a mid-war quality Waffen-SS Panzer Untersturmfuhrer's wrapper, with bullion quality insignia. The jacket is a well-marked (SS-BW) larger size, featuring a grey rayon lining. The collar tabs are machine applied, and still retain the original basting used to position them. The sleeve eagle is a bullion example, finely machine zig-zag applied to the upper left sleeve. There is a small bit of bullion missing on the bottom of the wreath, exposing the template underneath (nice to see, original feature). Many badge loops are present on this piece, per the front breast view. There has never been a cufftitle on this piece, nor are there signs of any reapplication of the insignia. No holes or tears.. All in all a solid example that hangs together nicely. A COA will accompany this purchase. SOLD15.5K USD.



Super Rare Waffen-SS Panzer Denim Protective Jacket and Matching Trousers This rare outfit is a once in a long time SS artifact. They bear matching markings and are dated 1945. The material is heavy denim and shows moderate wear with no damage or holes. The jacket shows clear sun fading, revealing the outline and remaining stitching of a cufftitle. The sleeve eagle is original to the jacket, as is the partially attached rank tab. The runic tab is missing. The shoulderboards black light very well, but do not match in wear on the monograms so I am not factoring them into the price of the outfit. There are very few of these utility outfits known and I am pleased to be able to handle it, examine it and offer it. For the tank man collector! A COA will accompany this purchase. 13K USD.



Named, excellent Allgemeine-SS Officer's Visor Cap This visor is a textbook earlier Allgemeine-SS or SS-VT officer's cap, made in a very fine doeskin body material and nice quality velvet band and interior. It features what I consider to be non-replaced insignia, with an Overhoff pattern skull. The skull and eagle match in their fine patina, which is commensurate with the age toning of the cap. The insert tag in the sweat band bears a full first and last name, along with an SS number. These can be researched easily and it's been my experience that a file search with a solid lead can yield amazing results. A COA will accompany this purchase. 9.5 USD.



Very Nice Mid-war Waffen-SS Officer's Visor Cap This is an excellent Kleiderkasse issue Waffen-SS officer's visor, with no issues. The alumi Deschler skull and feinzinc eagle are not a match--the skull appears completely period applied. lining, materials and construction are all commensurate with other roughly 1942-43 examples. All in all a great cap of nicer quality. Priced reasonably at 8.7K USD.



Nice Quality Waffen-SS NCOs Visor Cap This is an earlier quality large size Waffen-SS NCOs visor produced privately by a Bavarian cap maker. The band is the earlier quality NCO badgecloth and the upper is a fine quality grey doeskin. The insignia are cupal and possibly re-badged to the cap. No mothing or other damage. The size is approximately 59. A great, high condition visor cap at an excellent price 7.5 USD.



Rare KM Admiral's Reefer Jacket, Overcoat and Visor Cap Here is a very rare and elegant KM admrial's (one-star admiral equivalent) Reefer, Overcoat and Visor, offered for sale by an advanced member of our TR collector community. (these are not a set from one Admiral). The jacket is fully original untouched and has an excellent provenance. The cap is very much the same quality. The overcoat is elegant and presents very well, as do the other pieces. I invite questions on this offering, so please enquire for price and other information TBD USD.



Revised Listing--Indirect Vet Grouping, Waffen-SS NCO Walking-Out Dress Tunic and Officer's Visor Cap This piece comes from an architect who often runs into items that have been the possession of vet families, from whom he has obtained many great items. The tunic is made from an early quality tailor's cut of trikot wool, with a full rayon lining. It has sewn-in Light Grey (RFSS) piped Oscha boards, and on the long droop tail double-closure collar are a set of bullion SS runes and matching Oscha rank tab; both hand- applied. The pocket flaps have deeper scallops and almost reflect an Austrian style. There are loops for ample awards and decorations, and a KVK ribbon in the button hole. The odd thing about this tunic is the super late war printed sleeve eagle. It is nicely hand sewn and does look very much period applied--as with the rest of the tunic. Unusual use of this eagle, but it all hangs together nicely. No sign of a cufftitle ever being on it. The officer's visor came from the same vet family source, and was among the several items brought back by the vet (I had sold another part of the grouping for this consignor about three years ago, consisting of an RFSS enlisted uniform and M43 cap, brought back from Buchenwald by the same vet. Some of you may remember this). The cap is a worn example that shows age, and the visor has become detached from the hat. The hat bears deschler style insignia, untouched and never removed or altered. In the sweat shield name slot is the original owner's tag, naming the cap to an SS-Sturmbannfuhrer (Osiander). A grouping cared for by the original collector who obtained it, this is a nice set to display as a 'spoils of war' ensemble. These can be purchased separately, but together this set is priced resonably at 17.6K USD.





Stunning SS Officer's Flatwire M43 Cap This one is a superb example--a no-brainer original Waffen-SS Officer M43 made from captured Italian gabardine and lined with rayon and a half-sweatband for the brow. Simply, correctly marked size 57. The insignia are textbook and period hand-applied. A couple of pictures added for clarity. A perfect, un-upgradable example not to pass up. Most collections missing a sharp flatwire! Price, including COA, 6.8K USD.




Gau Essen Buckle and Belt A friend of mine in NY City finds a lot of collectibles in the course of his daily job. Many are vet family purchases, or from old collections being broken up. This buckle features all the hallmarks of an original, but I am unsure if the belt matches. It came with the buckle, so is offered free. Price, including COA, 2k USD.




Stone Mint Waffen-SS Panzer Other Ranks Schiffchen This cap came as part of the cloth insignia update but fits this category, so here it is. I have seen few hats better than this one in size, markings, application of insignia and overall condition. It is simply beautiful. The pictures show the basics but do not do the cap justice. It is a size 59 with hand applied mint bevo skull and eagle. Lining is black cotton with white ink size marking. Price, including COA, SOLD 4400 USD.



Excellent Waffen-SS NCO / Enlisted Visor Cap This minty hat is constructed of a thick quality field grey wool, white wool piped and correct finer wool cap band. The interior is silk lined with grey ersatz sweat band.Size appears to be 56 or 57. The chinstrap is the Heer style, favored by many SS front line troops. The insignia appear to match nicely and are well-placed on the cap and look great. The only drawback is someone a long time ago attempted to glue the sweatband and visor seam in the inside front, but the glue reacted poorly with the materials and damaged the sweatband and front lining. This is a very old repair attempt. The cap still maintains a minty and sharp appearance otherwise and displays superbly. Price, including COA, 7.5K USD.




Excellent Waffen-SS Enlisted M43 Cap This cap is a well-made, higher quality mid-war wool with two piece BeVo insignia. The skull is correctly period hand applied to the front; the eagle is machine applied to the left side flap. The cap is the two button construction with a mouse grey rayon lining. The lining is size marked 56, RB numbered and dated '44. The pictures do the talking on this one. Price, including COA, 4.2K USD.




Waffen-SS Panzer Enlisted M43 Cap, Dachau Made Perfectly mint, classic late war Dachau (SS-Bekleidungswerke) manufactured Panzer M43, with wool trapezoid zig-zag applied. The black wool body is lined with a combination of herringbone and rayon. Size marked correctly and cardboard visor exposed on the underneath side. Classic example. Price, including COA, HOLD 3.8K USD.



Waffen-SS Enlisted Overseas Cap This is a beautiful cap, in fine condition with correct black lining and maker's stamp. The condition overall is excellent +, and the insignia are beautiful and period hand applied. Price, including COA, SOLD 3250 USD.




Once in a Lifetime Pink Piped SS Officer's Visor Cap This fine, tailored officer's cap is stunning to behold. The pictures tell the story: early style interior suggesting 'semi-crusher' configuration; pressed-paper sweatband, doeskin quality body, fine imitation silk piping that is overlapped; quality velvet cap band, fine quality cupal Deschler insignia, rarer Welhausen Hanover-Kassel maker's label under the celluloid sweat shield. This cap is clearly an earlier make, likely circa 1940. This quality, style and condition are very hard to upgrade. Slight mothing and a minor, minor stain to the top, otherwise, just a perfect example. Price, including COA, 22K USD.




LAH M37 Aufklarungs Tunic, Mint This Jacket apparently was a mid-war badged and tailored piece, and likely not worn much at all. The rank is SS-Mann, featuring RZM style tabs and 1942 period RZM pattern sleeve eagle. The boards are beautiful Recon piped golden yellow with slip on LAH cyphers. The cuffband is a machine applied Bevo quality AH title. The cut is Heer, and there are signs of alteration to the shoulders (shoulder inserts), collar and billow pockets, to create a sharp appearance, which was commonly done. Matching, piped trousers are available. Price, including COA, tunic:HOLD 9.2k USD, trousers: 900 USD.



Waffen-SS Later War Tunic This four pocket M43 style tunic is in the SS cut, with SS style size markings, and has an interesting two clasp collar closure and longer collar tails. The boards are sewn-in SS Panzer pink piped and the collar tabs are machine applied, matching RZM style moleskin, rank of SS-Sturmmann. The left sleeve bears an RZM sleeve eagle and Sturmmann rank chevron. Overall a great looking piece and would be an excellent part of a W-SS display. Price, including COA, 7.8K USD.



Waffen-SS M44 Battle Dress Tunic Spanking beautiful condition late war (45 dated) M44 tunic with Artillery or Stug piped boards. Sleeve eagle is machine sewn. Matching tabs are the super rare late RZM style, embroidered on muslin. Very nice SS jacket! Price, including COA, 7K USD.




Waffen-SS M44 Trousers, Complete Nice condition trousers that match the above M44 tunic pretty nicely. Complete with belt, nicely marked, excellent contition. Price, including COA, 3.8K USD.


This is an excellent quality later war SS M43 Cap that started life as an officer's issue piece, and was field altered to remove the piping. The crown is period hand-stitched where the piping was removed. The cap is of a finer quality wool, with a rayon lining and a full leatherette sweatband. Nice large size, perfectly original piece Price, including COA, 3200 USD.



Waffen-SS Camo Cap Nice condition Oakleaf pattern SS M43 Camo cap, featuring the precise gauge material, stitching and other characteristics we like to see. The vent holes are hand cut and hand sewn, in other words, this piece was issued without ventilation holes. Nice hat, displays great. Price, including COA, USD 4.2k.



Rare Polizei Assault Gun Wrapper For sale is a combat uniform item that is seldom encountered. This Polizei assault gun wrapper is such an example. This jacket was evaluated by Mr. Dave Delich and this treatise below contains a sample from his authenticity writeup, which is helpful in understanding the purpose and use of this type of wrap-around garment: "The "Standard" Police wrappers were made of either wool or grey or gray-green gabardine. The reed-green wrappers were made for a different purpose -- specifically as a protective covering -- to be worn over the black tunic to prevent excessive wear or soiling as might be caused by working within the close quarters of a less than sterile armored vehicle. Secondly, the less blatant green color would serve as a camouflage when worn in the field. A black uniform would be more easily detected in open country. The method and style of frontal closure varied from garment to garment. The closure for W-SS tunics was designed to close on the vertical with attachment buttons similarly arranged. Army and Police tunic closures were cut on a diagonal. The number of buttons used to close varied with the tunic design and for the service in question. SS tunics utilized a vertical set of buttons, usually of glass. Army and Police tunics used either glass or hard, pressed composition buttons. This Police wrapper used two rows of buttons so that when the tunic was stretched over the bulk of the black tunic beneath, the second set of buttons would be able to accommodate the greater distance the holes would have to reach for fastening. When not serving as a protective cover, soldiers enjoyed the convenience of a lighter weight tunic for use in warmer climates. Another feature found, particularly on the Police wrappers were split cuffs with buttons used to adjust the cuffs for tightness. This wrapper bears such cuffs. On some reed-green wrappers was a large pocket on the front left-hand breast panel. Since not all denim jackets were cut identically, some early jacket collars and lapels assumed a more pointed shape than others. Later production wrappers tunics "borrowed" the rounded collars and lapels of the SS-pattern tunics. This Police wrapper is an early pattern garment. Also traditional with Army and Police pattern tunics, a single seam ran down the back of the garment to sew the two back tunic panels together... The jacket is unlined, as most denim wrappers were, with an adjustable drawstring at the waist for a more secure fit. To assure a better form fit four tucks or darts are sewn in at the waist in four places for an additional snug fit. Also, there are two custom- made openings at the sides of the waist for a belt to pass through prior to the final closure of the frontal panels. Finally, there are openings in each armpit to serve as points of ventilation. This Police Stug. wrapper is, to the best of my knowledge, completely original to the WW II period, both in manufacture and materials. It is a scarce, and rare example of the tailor's craft!" This jacket is the grey-green speckled denim configuration. All of the insignia are machine applied and original to the piece. The shoulderboards are sewn-in without any subsequent alteration to the original fittings and stitching. A private collection photo shows an idential garment in period wear. Mint, rare piece that would grace any Stug collection! The Price includes the Delich COA. 3700 USD



SS-Scharfuhrer Tunic, 23rd SS Mountain Division "Kama" This rare specimen is a direct purchase of the consignor from the Foreign Vet's grandson. The consignor reports he obtained the tunic directly from the grandson of the former Yugoslav veteran of the W-SS, saying in part: "He told me his grandfather was in the service and this uniform was found in his home." Kama, the 23rd Waffen Mountain Division of the Waffen-SS, were among the Balkan units formed and led by the Germanic SS, seen in period photos wearing blank right collar tabs. Kama was formed as the 23rd Mountain Division, but missed formal combat by virtue of not being fully formed in time. However, elements of Kama fought fiercely alongside 'Handschar' in late 1944 and onward. The tunic is styled in a similar manner to an SS-cut Drill Rock design with split ring button arrangement and is maker marked. It has a hand-applied bevo sleeve eagle, blank right collar tab and a scharfuhrer rank tab. Machine-applied NCO tresse edges the collar. The boards are absent. All insignia are hand applied and match nicely in appearance and form. A very interesting aspect to this outfit is the "pocket litter", considting of train tickets and Croation money from the period. Based on the excellence of the veteran pieces consigned by this consignor before, this follows the pattern and appears in every way to be a well-provenanced period relic of the Waffen-SS foreign volunteers. The Price includes a complete COA from me. 7400 USD



Beautiful Waffen-SS Enlisted Panzer Wrapper. Here is a textbook example of an SS-Panzer wrapper for other ranks. The material is the typical 1943-44 quality and shows little wear. The collar insignia are textbook period applied in appearance, with no exra stitch lines and with proper thread and stitch length. The classic bevo sleeve eagle is machine applied but appears to be reapplied at some point. There is a very definite shadow of a cuffband (see pictures), indicating this was an issued piece that was fully badged at one time. Again, the tabs appear to be period applied and not removed. The manufacture of this piece follows the textbook methods as described in Scott Pritchett's and Mike Beaver's books. The black silk lining is properly size and factory marked as well. All buttons are properly period sewn, but one is missing from each sleeve closure (second button on each side). This is condition-wise an astounding piece that would grace any Waffen-SS Panzer display. Price includes my COA SOLD 8.7K USD







Luftwaffe General's Pennant This pennant comes from an advanced collection and is of a superb, high quality cello embroidery with fine gilt ribbon edging with Hakenkreuz motifs. The material is high quality blue-grey wool. I have left this piece in the frame for the pictures, but the rear glass can be easily removed with no damage to the pennant as it is free floating mounted. The high-quality dual sided frame enables excellent, instant displaying of this piece. This is a superb piece of embroidery and overall workmanship, and would be a fine capstone to a high ranking Luftwaffe ensemble. Price includes my COA. 3850 USD.





Uniform Items-- SS


SS-VT Mantel. Here is a very rare example of an enlisted SS-VT Mantel, showing moderate use and repairs. The overall appearance is fine, withiout significant damage, and would make a great display. Beautifully VA marked and dated. The tabs are original but collector added (can be easily removed--basically a free set of original tabs), where earlier ones existed and the thread is still visible. The collector has been very well connected to veteran sources for his items due to his occupation, and this piece is one of his more interesting finds! Price includes my COA. Price 2.5k USD.




SS-Ostubaf. Ritter v. Aichinger This is an historic SS tunic that belonged to a long time Heer officer, Hubert Ritter von Aichinger, who transferred after many tries to the Waffen-SS in 1944. The tunic is named to him, and a copy of his National Archives file (included) reveals his career in interesting detail. Aichinger was born in 1890, so was nearly Hitler's same age--quite old to be a front line soldier. The tunic itself has a lot of history and reads like Aichinger's file. It was a tailored piece, made for him in 1938 when he was a Heer officer. In '44, he literally took this jacket, hand applied a set of Ostubaf rank, and switched the Heer breast eagle to the left sleeve. The shadow of the breast eagle is still visible on the tunic. There is a letter of provenance from George Petersen, who, seeing what it was, did some research on the tunic and provided the full background history of it. The tunic itself is in good to very good condition, with no mothing or issues. There are two minor repairs to the area behind the left armpit. The nametag is crisp and legible. The SS runic and rank tabs show commensurate wear with the tunic, as does the sleeve eagle and the boards. The tabs are said to have been loosely hanging on and had to be stitched back in place by a conservator. The boards are nice quality Heer style panzer piped 'Russian braid', with gilt "P" cyphers for panzerjaeger. Overall this tunic is a remarkable, well-provenanced, living piece of history of an SS combat officer, who by the way was one of the many German nobility who were attracted to the SS during that period. The SS file copy is many more pages than just the two shown here. Price includes my COA. 10.9k USD.









SS Oakleaf Spring Reversable to White Parka. A rare original combat worn example. Bought by the consignor from George Peterson in 1977. Original owner had it modified by removing the hood and having it crafted into a collar instead! Shows much use and age soiling. Price includes my certificate of authenticity. 3950 USD





Uniform Items--Wehrmacht




Luftwaffe Pilot Grouping--Benno Hecker This grouping to a Luft Flieger was denazified by the owner, who continued to keep his belongings well after the war. Consignor does not have any research on who Benno Hecker was, but it would be worth the effort I feel. Interesting and historic medal and document grouping. Great New Price 1125 USD.



Luftwaffe Officer's Insignia Grouping Right out of a time-capsule collection of many decades, never seeing the collector market, is an exquisite grouping of Luft Officer's rank and shoulder insignia. The quality on these ranges from superior early manufacture to later war materials being used. This is an insignia collection that came with the vehicle pennants and visor caps--a real salted-away pile of artifacts. This grouping of insignia are offered for sale as one lot, not to be sold separately. Sale includes my COA. New Price! 795 USD.




Luftwaffe Pith Helmet Insignia Two sets of pith helmet shields, good condition, with a prong missing off one eagle. Sets sold separately. Lower Price! Each 295 USD Gold Set SOLD.








Luftwaffe Triangular Vehicle Pennant. This pennant is in standard blue-grey cloth and shows wear from having been in long use on a vehicle. Price includes COA New Price! 275 USD




Luftwaffe Triangular Vehicle Pennant. Excellent condition, this early eagle pennant has the soft shell celluloid encasement with leather trim and snaps. The mounting post is present, making this an exceptionally complete piece. Consignor has priced his last items for quick sale. Was $1850. Now reduced to $995 for the best and most complete example you'll ever find." Price includes COA New Low Price! 995 USD




Luftwaffe Rectangular Vehicle Pennant for Signals. This example, priced very reasonably, is a machine ebroidered Adler on heavy canvas, which is then coated witih varnish to stiffen it and act as weather proofing. Excellent condition, showing signs of having been on a vehicle, but with only light wear overall. Rare pennant! Price includes COA NEW LOWER PRICE! 1950 USD






Heer Artillery NCO Service Dress Uniform Tunic. Larger size than usual. All original and unaltered. Has internal dagger hanger, Loops for various awards, and a "Padded" Specialist NCO Qualification badge on the left sleeve. This tunic is in superb condition showing light age. Purchased by the consignor from a veteran along with 2 other Heer Tunics and other items at a gun show in Buffalo New York in 1975. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.Tunic Only 1785 USD



Luft 4 Pocket EM Tunic. A dead mint 77 year old tunic, which is as new as the day it was manufactured. It is almost impossible to find relics as mint as this these days. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.Tunic Only 1575 USD



Fallschirmjager splinter pattern ammo bandoleer. This item is in excellent condition, well marked, and has one field-replaced button. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 1100



Super Desirable Luftwaffe General Goring Regiment Tunic This rare, untouched and early tunic includes the Luftwaffe 'schutzen-schnurr' and Long Service ribbon. Insignia are perfectly period applied and the cufftitle is a textbook example of this earlier HG regimental piece. Very nicely marked inside, with two Goring Regiment markings. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.HOLD $4250 USD



Minty Heer Parade Waffenrock The pictures tell the story on this excellent piece. All insignia and body construction are 100% untouched and in superb condition. This rock would make an excellent display with a crisp condition Double Decal Heer M35, which these are often seen in conjunction with. Price includes my certificate of authenticity. 1100 USD



Heer Officer's Piped Field Service Uniform. This is an exquisite uniform outfit for a Heer infantry officer, in near-pristine condition. The tunic features high quality doeskin feldgrau wool, fine bullion insignia and piped edging overall. The trousers are a stone grey straight leg white piped pair, matched to the tunic. The workmanship, condition and insignia application make this one of the very nicest available on the market in some time. Price includes my certificate of authenticity. NEW PRICE 3K USD




Heer Pionier NCO's Parade Waffenrock. This is an excellent condition waffenrock that appears to have been used as an everyday wear tunic during the early part of the war. It Features all the early materials and insignia for a Heer Pionier. Closeups of the boards reveal impressions where unit cyphers once were. Full lining is un-frayed and there is only one tiny moth nip to the exterior (see the board picture), which is a fine quality trikot wool. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.New Price 1500 USD



Heer sniper smock, used excellent, RB# in pocket flap, large size USD 2700  



Wehrmacht Visor and Soft Caps




Heer Tropical Later War M43 Cap Nice, well marked and good condition cap, dated 1944. Application of the insignia is textbook and overall the cap displays very well. 1800 USD.







Luftwaffe NCO Visor Cap for Flieger / FJ. This hat is simply mint, with a high saddle and fine quality workmanship known of the Pekuro maker. A one-look original and will grace any Luftwaffe collection. Price includes COA New Price! 1325 USD





Excellent, early Luftwaffe NCO Schirmutze for Signals. Untouched, top condition all around and featuring the desirable early materials. The cap is almost mint. Price is Excellent New Price 595 USD





  • Luft Flak Helferin Side Cap, Rare, New Price 275 USD
  • Miscellaneous Items



    Heer Officer's Brocade Parade Belt and Buckle. Very nice set, excellent condition and unaltered. Price includes my COA. 380 USD


    DAK Heer Officer's Tropical Belt. This rare DAK belt is a nice size in excellent condition and features the heavy web Officer's canvas web belt and correct (original to it) feldgrau Heer Officer's belt. A beautiful piece, not often encountered. Price includes my COA.New Price 1400 USD




    Heer Officer's Brocade Parade Belt and Buckle. Very nice set, excellent condition and unaltered, size is approx.95. Price includes my COA.HOLD 275 USD


    1938 Heer trousers. Very good condition early field grey stiefelhosen with no damage and light to medium wear. These will display nicely with any Heer or Waffen-SS uniform ensemble. Price includes my certificate of authenticity.New Price 500 USD  





    Minty and rare SA Marine visor cap. This one was featured in one of John R. Angolia's headgear books in the 1980s and is a very nice example. See accompanying provenance documentation. Super for an NSDAP collection! The price, incluing my COA, is USD 3400




    Nice Heer NCO visor cap, early quality. Decent example with typical loosening of the visor (some loose tacking is visible to try to hold it on). The price, incluing my COA, is USD 390




    Nice Fire Police visor cap, early quality. Standard cap in early quality materials and complete insignia. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 345




    Mint tropical M38 enlisted feldmutze. Absolutely no flaws, superb condition, machine sewn insignia. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 750



    Luftwaffe Flight Helmet, scarcer model. Complete and labeled. The price, incluing my COA, is USD 375






    Unissued Heer Afrika Korps Enlisted Overseas Cap

    For sale is a nice untouched example of an Afrika Korps Overseas hat, circa 1941, unissued but stained from grommets. It is priced at USD 700.  

    Miscellaneous, Daggers, Accoutrements




    Panzer Throat Mike Set. Nice condition, original and complete. Price, including my lifetime guarantee of authenticity, is 495 USD



    DLV Dagger, from vet's nephew. This is a very nice example of a scarce DLV dagger, that was brought back by a GI who was a photographer in the US Third Army (Patton's). The blade is in great shape and features the F&A Helbig Steinbach logo. The fittings (grip to guard) are perfect, with no dents or dings. Scabbard and hanger show overall very light wear and age. A great dagger with the photographic provenance with it! Priced at (New Price 1100 USD)