Special Consignment Third Reich Documents Collection. "Famous Third Reich Leaders"  The following historic, original documentation is from a lifetime collection / estate, that includes correspondence from some of the most famous personalities who survived the Third Reich.





SCi1 Beautiful 1936 Hitler, Blomberg and Fritsch Signed Order

This remarkably rare document details the 1936 appointment of the heads of major armed forces positions, including panzer, endorsed by Blomberg and v.Fritsch, and signed by AH. A very rare and historic document; panzer related and also signed by one of the most famous early dissenters to Hitler; Blomberg. COA provided with sale. SOLD USD




SCi2 Hitler (likely fascsimile) Signed Dedication Letter

Excellent condition, probably facsimile signed dedication to a group of visiting artists to the Reichs Chancellory. Certificate of Authenticity on request. SOLD USD





SCi3 Letter from SS Dr. Karl Gebhardt to a Reichsleiter.

This document bears the letterhead and signature of SS Dr. Karl Gebhardt. Gebhardt was hanged at the close of the Nurnberg trial for crimes against humanity, specifically, medical experiments and sterilization, among other crimes against humanity. Stumpfegger, Hitler's Doctor and mentioned in the letter, was the one who assisted Magda Goebbels in euthanizing her children before she and Goebbels committed suicide in the Bunker. Stumpfegger died with Bormann while escaping the Bunker, their remains turning up a number of years ago. Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. (Photos courtesy Wiki) 650 USD



Sci4 Rare, Full Heydrich Signature.

Appointed Reichsprotektor Bohmen-Mahren in 1941, Heydrich ("Der Henker") was an accomplished musician and often attended concerts and openings. Undoubtedly from one of Heydrich's "music evenings," this sheet is signed by composer Paul Lincke ("Glow Worm" fame) and underneath by Reinhard Heydrich (full signature very rare) and under him his wife, Lina Heydrich. Also signing were Dr. Karl Brandt (one of Hitler's physicians, shot); and pianist Michael Rauchheisen. Provenance paperwork exists for this document and will be provided to the buyer. Full COA comes with sale on request. 3400 USD



Sci5 Personal Photo and Card Grouping of Heinrich Himmler.

This interesting photo and post card grouping is from RFSS Heinrich Himmler's personal items, brought back by a US GI at the end of the war. They are all marked with the Army clearance stamp. Many of the pictures show not only Himmler, but also Wolff, Walter Darre, and others. One photo shows, interestingly,a young Joachim Peiper, looking at his watch in front of the Reichsfuhrer (partially hidden) and Wolff and others. Additionally are included a number of greeting cards to Himmler from various individuals. Also inlcuded are a number of greeting cards from around the Reich, from various VIPs to Himmler. The grouping is an amazing slice of Himmler's late 30's persona. Full COA on request. USD 2400



Sci6 Himmler Letter To Hermann Goring, with Goring's Initials and Thanks.

This excellent letter from Himmler's office to Goring discusses a calendar gift for the Reichsmarshall, and where he appears in it. It is signed by Himmler's chief administrative officer, Ostubaf. Otto Ullmann and bears the word "Danken" (thanks are to be sent) and Goring's "G" initial in violet pencil. A very nice condition document with acknowledged thanks in Goring's hand. Full COA on request. 850 USD



Sci7 Famous Sculptor Schmid-Ehman Grouping.

This group of original photos, original documents and (copy-for information purposes) magazine cutouts represent an exceptional grouping from the famous Third Reich sculptor Professor Kurt Schmid-Ehmen. He is the famous sculptor who created the famous Nurnberg Zepplin field eagle, among many, many other iconic sculptures. The original model photos of Kreisleiter Adolf Wagner literally have Ehman's fingerprints and handling smudges on them, in the clay he was using at the time to sculpt the bust in the pictures! Very historic Third Reich memorabilia. Included also are some personal papers of his wife, and a picture of her bust sculpture, which was featured in the art magazine copy included. This historic photo and document grouping would be a plus for any historical collection. COA on request. 2200 USD



Sci8 Wonderful Set of Correspondence from Traudl Junge.

Gertraud Junge was always one of my favorites. She was likely one of the closest people to AH in terms of his daily thoughts and words being recorded--in a sense she knew the best and the worst. In another way, she was steadfast, even when her new husband Ustuf. Hans Junge, was KIA in Russia during a combat deployment away from his normal Berghof duty. These letters were written by her in the not too distant past. Her English was excellent, her manner direct. Perfect for the "Fuhrerhauptquartier personality" collector. 450 USD



Sci9 Large Size 1929/30 Photo of Hitler and the Inner Circle.

Large Size, Early photo of Hitler, Himmler, Goring, Amann, Etc. Original and superbly marked photo of the 'alte-kaempfer.' SOLD USD




Sci10 Nuremburg Interview Papers of Hitler's Interpreter.

This is an excellent example of the Fragebogen (questionnaire) used at Nurnberg and in the denazification courts during the postwar period. Paul-Otto Schmidt saw a lot of historic events in his job as interpreter. Great signature. 1050 USD



Sci11 Grouping of Various Receipts for Alfred Rosenberg.

These are a unique grouping of receipts to Rosenberg, from Red Cross to the German-English Society.450 USD



Sci12 Albert Speer Signed Autograph and Letter.

In 1987, Third Reich Architecht Extraordinaire Albert Speer wrote back to the collector who was seeking advice on a candy dish supposedly given to Hitler by Speer on his 50th birthday. I love Speer's reply: I gave him...the Triumpful Arch for his birthday, not a candy dish.... Great item from one of the most famous TR figures, Albert Speer. SOLD USD



Sci13 Fuhrerhauptquartier- Level NSKK and SA discussions about two Jewish Italian General Officers.

Very interesting discussion / report between NSKK Ogruf. Albert Bormann and SA Staf. Dr. Koepen. In one part, Koepen says "Two Jews, leading Christians into the Slaughterhouse!" An interesting window into the doings of high level Nazi leaders, with a war raging at their doorstep, preoccupied with (hunting Jews) knifing a pair of combatant commanders in the back. 1450 USD



Sci14 SS (Sicherheitsdienst) Secret Discussions of a Soviet Scientist Working for the Nazis.

Interesting secret communication between Alfred Rosenberg's Staff and the SS, regarding a turned Soviet scientist's communication with Rosenberg. It appears that Rosenberg's staff sought assistance from the SD (via the secret documents) to either vet or shut down the proposals of the scientist, who evidently claimed to have been a school colleague of Rosenbert at some point. Rare, high level Third Reich correspondence, with documented SS / SD investigative participation. 1800 USD




SCi15AR Alfred Rosenberg-Initialed Breakfast Invitation.

Very nice invitation to Reichsminister Alfred Rosenberg to have breakfast at the Kaiserhof hotel. His initials, AR, are scribbled to the right of his name. The Kaiserhof, a favorite spot of the top Nazis, sadly was torn down not long ago, due to a lot of 'historical tourism.' Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. 550 USD



SCi15HF Letter from Hans Frank to Hitler.

Very prolific neues-schrift-penned letter from the brutal military governor Hans Frank, to the fuehrer. Translation in German is included. Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. 1050 USD



SCi16 Outstanding Grouping of Letters and Documents from Hermann Goring and Family.

This grouping includes among other things, a telegram from the son of Kaiser Wilhelm II to Goring, stating his father's condition and also complimenting Goring and glorifying the new Germany under his leadership. As a Blue Max recipient and famous WWI German Ace, Goring, an aristocrat himself, knew the Kaiser personally. Other items include Hermann and Emmy Goring's signatures on the announcement of their daughter Edda (this is a facsimile signature). Goring's sister is also pictured, with her signature on a photograph of her surrounded by photographs of Hermann (in a Wehrmacht General's Uniform in some of the pictures). There are nice portraits of the Reichsmarshall in uniform, including holding his lion cub. Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. 2750 USD



SCi18 Outstanding, Signed Letter from Field Marshal Milch to Hitler.

Milch writes his best birthday wishes to the Furher, April 1937. Rare autograph of a very senior Luftwaffe Leader. Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. 650 USD


Special Holocaust Historic Documents Section. The below listed documents belonged to survivors who were able to flee to South America in the late 1930s. These were collected in Uruguay and recently obtained by a collector for consignment here.

SCi19, sci20, sci21, sci22: Four Different Reisepass, or 'Passports' Marked "J"

Each document is priced at SOLD USD, or all can be purchased for 2400 USD. Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. SOLD USD / all for 2400 USD



SCi23 Letters From Three Different Camps.

Sachsenhausen, Dachau, Flossenburg. Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. USD SOLD Each / 350 USD All 3



SCi24 Document Grouping Including Letter from a Camp Kommandant to a Prisoner's Mother.

Letter, signed by Grohmann (?) as Kommandant or on behalf of the Kommandant, Sachsenhausen; informing a woman that her son died in hospital and was cremated. Also includes son's letter to mother. Historic holocaust evidence firsthand. Sale comes with my certificate of authenticity on Request. 475 USD




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