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Mh63 Excellent Heer Camo M40 Named Helmet

This is a one-look, real camo Heer. The shell is a Q64 M40, with thick camo paint inside and out. The inner skirt grass green camo, plus the soldier's name, prevent a clear view of the heat lot number. The size 56 marked liner and strap are in combat worn, untouched shape. The outer shell is completely brush camo'd over the factory finish in a heavy layer of feldgrau, punctuated with grass green and yellow ochre. Any sign of decals is covered by the heavy camo finish, and there are thankfully no signs of "exporatory digs" for decals on this untouched piece. There are two minor shrapnel strikes to the rear of the helmet, showing it was definitely worn in a combat environment. Great looking camo! Sale includes my COA. 3950 USD





Mh62 Outstanding Fallschirmjaeger Double Decal Helmet

This excellent Double Decal M38 FJ helmet was purchased by the consigner from the Ruptured Duck in 2007. The helmet is an ET68, with heat lot number 926. The inside pads are correct and in the grey color, which is appropriate for this paint scheme, chinstrap configuration and lot number. The paint is a smooth texture feldgrau, not parade feldgrau of the first M38s. The shell has what appears to be three shrapnel or bullet nicks, but they are wartime and add character without detracting. The paint overall is over 90%, with the luft eagle and national colors shield being in the mid-90s percentile. The Spanner Bolts show very slight indication of being turned, but I honestly believe this is wartime done. The grey straps have the correct "PRYM" marked snaps, and the liner has the earlier style three line maker stamp (both stamps are clear) and the liner is light golden color with a stitching separation in the middle seam. This handsome, great condition example would grace any FJ collection. Sale includes my COA. 15K USD




Mh54 Handsome, Earlier M35 Heer Double Decal Helmet

This outstanding helmet is an early ET (64) production Heer, with heat lot number 2823. The dome date is 1936, as are the liner and strap dates. The parade feldgrau factory finish is the lighter pea green, and retains a bit of it's desirable 'chalky' look. The adler and national shield show graceful age tone and crackling, but are fine specimens. Just a beautiful Heer. Sale includes my COA. 4600 USD



Mh61 Excellent Kriegsmarine Double Decal Helmet

This KM helmet is a sharp example in great condition overall, showing moderate use and wear. The shell is ET62 with a 4k series heat lot number indicating 1939 production. The helmet and liner are 39 dated; the strap is devoid of a maker or date. The paint is the classic ET "Apple Green" feldgrau of the 1939 production period. The decals are excellent and Real examples of Gold Pocher Kriegsmarine decals (note the correct raised edge highlighted in the eagle picture). The liner is excellent and all pins are untouched. It should not be overlooked that KM helmets are much rarer than most other varieties of TR helmets, due to the small size of the KM as a force / vs the fact they were a shipborne force and their requirement for this type of equipment was much smaller. A superb example with no issues. Sale includes my COA. 6400 USD




Mh59 Excellent Polizei M40 Double Decal Helmet

This is a nice example of an SE64 M40 double decal polizei, with bordered police and party shields. Textbook smoother texture finish, nicely glue and lacquer factory applied decals. The liner and strap are original to the helmet and in excellent condition. A great example, hard to upgrade. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 2800 USD




Mh58 Nice ET64 M35 Heer Double Decal Helmet

Here is a very nice Heer M35 with excellent decals and untouched liner / strap. The outer finish is the factory feldgrau, with some patina overall. Blondish liner size marked 56. Liner has a repaired tongue. Well named, to a Heer Oblt. Consigned from a collection, Sale includes my COA. 3950 USD




Mh57 Minty Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet

This ET66 M42 single Luft is essentially stone mint inside and out, with the exception of something having been spilled on top while it was in storage for many decades, causing some rust bubbling to the top and right rear area. Decal is 100%, liner is mint, chinstrap is mint, paint is otherwise mint. Overall a super collectible piece in a size 58. Sale includes my COA. 1350 USD




Mh56 Excellent Polizei M42 Double Decal Helmet

Excellent to minty M42 Polizei in a size 64, with untouched liner and RF Nr chinstrap. The decals are 100% as is the paint. Perfect example, hard to upgrade. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 2100 USD



Mh55 Minty M35 NS Heer Helmet

Near perfect example, fine matching condition throughout. Sale includes my COA. SOLD USD



Mh53 Handsome M35 Double Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

Here is a great example of an EF66 M35 Luft, with cordovan colored correct luft strap, LBA marked. The liner is minty and single ply, as with many EF examples. The paint and decals are in outstanding condition. Overall a handsome EF example. Sale includes my COA. 3500 USD




Mh52 Beautiful Q M35 Double Decal Polizei Helmet

This outstanding helmet is a 1936 dated piece, inside and out. The Quist factory gloss feldgrau finish is visible, underneath a perfectly applied flat grey vehicle paint finish. The decals, including the early rounded Q Party Shield variety, were carefully masked. This gives the helmet a very cool look, suggesting it was used by a field veteran of the SchuPo (or SS Pol Div.?) It is named, and research is possible. The liner band is a 1936 dated single ply, with the embossed 1936 maker's mark in the leather (see picture). The strap is unfortunately broken off (the ends are minty, someone probably tried to pick it up by the strap recently. Handsome polizei doubles like this one don't come along that often. Sale includes my COA. 3000 USD



Mh50 Huge, Mint Q M35 Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

This size 60 Quist Luft helmet is in beautiful condition, with minor wear and storage wear. The production features almost suggest more of an M40 factory specs of production, than reissue specs. In other words, the inner paint finish is smooth, with rough texture schiefergrau finish on the outside of the shell...except the shell is an M35. With the single decal and the M35 style liner (reinforced, possible Werner Zahn contract?)and M-40 style strap, the helmet presents like an early reissue M35... or factory production M40. (The dome stamp is certainly the M40 style). Superb, larger example with no issues. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 1400 USD




Mh49 Q M35 Single Decal Heer Helmet

This helmet is one of the ones that shows period removal of the national colors per orders, during 1940. It is a very sharp condition Quist M35 with factory finish and classic Bigfoot Heer eagle. The right side shows where the national shield was carefully removed during the period, with the same patina uniformly across the area as with the rest of the sheld. The heat lot number is 218, and the liner is a 1938 double ply. There is an ink stamp "64" above the lot number. There is also a name and rank penciled in the rear skirt (see picture). The liner bears the size stamp 57, and the original issue chinstrap is slightly shortened. Overall a handsome looker in a not too common configuration. Sale includes my COA. 2500 USD




Mh48 Stunning Luftwaffe Wire Camo Combat Helmet

This helmet is an incredible example of a later war (Normandy era) camouflage combat helmet. It consists of a Luftwaffe M40, size 64 shell (probably ET but illegible due to the paint), with size 57 marked m-40 specification liner and strap. The helmet bears the normal factory Luft blue-grey and single adler decal which are factory issue; then oversprayed in ordinance tan, grass green and brick red--fairly typical normandy assault scheme. The helmet is topped off with a chicken wire basket affixed by three twists as hooks that underlap the helmet rim. The pictures show the detail of the paint layers, wire with overpaint, sprayed tan skirt and wire interaction areas. These are unequivocal indicators of the original and untouched nature of this helemt. The liner condition shows medium use, and is named. There is also a name painted in the skirt of the helmet. You don't often see camos this brilliant in color and high condition overall, and this one has all the attractions. Sale includes my COA. SOLD




Mh47 Sharp M35 Combat Police Double Decal Helmet

This helmet is an ET62, with a heat lot number in the 4000 series, indicating late 1938 through 1939 production. The finish is the typical ET pea green feldgrau of the day. The decals feature the unbordered Polizei shield and ET pattern party colors. The liner and strap are untouched original to the helmet, and show medium to strong wear. Overall a nice example that has seen some field operational use. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 1900 USD




Mh45 Nice Sawdust Camo M35 Combat Helmet

This helmet is a nice example of an M35 reissue with full sawdust camo finish. The helmet is an SE64, with very good to excellent condition interior paint and liner. The liner shows the circular line on the tongues, from stacking on a gas mask can. The strap is in very good condition but has been separated and glued. The exterior of the helmet shows excellent, real sawdust camo at least 95% remaining. A rare finish type of camo combat helmet with a great display appeal. Sale includes my COA. 1400 USD




Mh46 Double Decal Heer EF M35

This helmet is a nice example of a well-used M35 made by EF. The shell is finished with the typical dark green feldgrau characteristic of EF M35s, with some patina to the paint. The decals show commensurate wear and use, and are 85-90% present. The liner shows some dryness and is size marked 57. The strap is an M40 likely period replacement (showing same leather wear and age as liner) and is a Singer Klattau '41. Overall a solid M35 that has seen a fair amount of action. Sale includes my COA. 2300 USD




Mh44 Superb Luftwaffe M35 Helmet, Early Eagle

This is a superb example of a Luftwaffe ET 64 lot 4284, double decal M35 helmet. The Luft adler is the early 'snake leg' variety. The liner and correct brown strap are unaltered original to the piece, and the ink stamp bears the rank and name "Oberst Hoppe." On the rear of the outside skirt is carved a stylized set of wings, with the name "Eugen" above them. A friend of mine researched this symbology and Germnanic spelling of "Eugene," and located a Luftwaffe medical Oberst named Eugen Hoppe. This is not conclusive research, but it does provide a logical indication of who may have worn this helmet. A medical officer would have a minty helmet, not a heavily worn one, and he might have the spare hour or so that it would take to inscribe his name and a winged (partial medical symbol?) into the finish of his helmet. It is a cool element of helmet history in my view. If a GI had wanted to decorate his souvenir helmet, he would have likely written his name on the liner, so my estimation is this unobtrusive symbol and name were put there carefully by the original owner, in a moment of free time. All the 'what ifs' aside, in hand this is a killer, minty example of this earlier style iconic Luft helmet. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 4200 USD




Mh43 Excellent ID'd Heer M35 Helmet

This helmet is an NS64 M-35 re-painted and re-double decaled example that bears the correct untouched liner and strap, and is named in the skirt "Major E. Diederichs." It features an NS64 M35 shell and liner system that is all tight and untouched. It has the addition of a nice dark green schiefergrau refinish to the outside which is decorated with a set of Huber Jordan Koerner Heer eagle and national colors.You can clearly see the chips and scrape marks in relief under the over paint showing previous good use and hence the the need for the repaint for Parade purposes or for one of his promotions prior to March 1940. Behind the Major E. Diederichs name, you can faintly see "Oblt", which is crossed out. The helmet has that look of having been "put away" in a locker as can be the case with Officer Helmets as many would mainly wear their peaked caps for day to day use. He was commander of a smoke troops / Nebelwerfer unit and was put into combat on the Russian Front. Accompanying this helmet is the complete personnel file for Diederichs, with over 100 interesting pieces of documentation. (You can notice how much he visably aged in his photographs during his service). All in all, an historic and researched handsome looking Heer Major's helmet! Sale includes my COA. 4850 USD




mh42 Very Interesting WWI Camo, Struck Helmet

Another decent WWI camo offered for sale, featuring strong earth tone ocher and green vertical pattern, separated by the finger-width black dividing lines. The top left front of the helmet took an oblique bullet or shrapnel hit, which may have spelled the demise of the soldier if he was wearing the helmet. Excellent condition outside, liner band and scant remnants inside. Great looking, historic helmet. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 950 USD




mh40 Outstanding Kriegsmarine Shipboard Camo Helmet

This helmet is like several I have handled over the years that bear that very hard hand painted coat of ship paint. The pigment is brush-applied in a couple of layers on an M42 NS62 shell, with untouched original liner and '42 dated strap. The strap has the grey paint on it in places, visible in the pictures. The maker is difficult to determine, but the image is provided in closeup for you to see. The period photo supplied by the consignor shows a bin full of these helmets just below the sailors on shipboard in the photo. The top left helmet bears hand rendered insignia similar to this one. Due to the intricate nature of the emblems I am inclined to believe they represent a home port or home stadt, and are significant to the vessel the helmet sailed on. They are decidedly not GI art. For the KM collector, and intriguing Camo example. Sale includes my COA. 2850 USD




mh41 Combat Used M35 Q64 Heer Chickenwire Camo Helmet

This salty combat piece turned up in Northern Italy a few years ago at a used furniture shop. The consignor reports that the helmet was brought in to trade for a piece of used furniture by a local customer. The helmet, a desirable maker and size (Q64), shows heavy field use and wear, including scraped national shield and heavily worn Heer adler. The wire is correctly tucked into the liner band all around and itself is correct period wire. The wear from the wire against the paint is authentic, not contrived in any way. The liner was bled in heavily and basically disappeared over time. The name Daun is possible to research in existing German war cemetaries in Italy. A solid, original chickenwire camo for the combat collector. Sale includes my COA. 2850 USD



mh18 Nice, Untouched Camo Paratrooper

This Camo FJ comes from a long time picker / collector who comes up with great items always. This helmet was brought back by a New Jersey GI who hung it in his restaurant for over 30 years, then decided to put it away. All parts are original untouched to the helmet and the camo and decal show strongly. Liner and strap show expected age and wear. Original Camo Paras are hard to come by and this one is a great example. Sale includes my COA. 7900 USD




Mh39 Phenomenal "Atlantic Wall" DD M35 Camo Helmet

This helmet is an ET64 with a tan and grey-green camo scheme that has been famously called the "Atlantic Wall" helmet. The liner and strap are tight, untouched original and the skirt of the helmet inside has the name "Muller, Bruno." The outside bears a layer of brush applied ordinance tan, accompanied by a two inch wide sworl of medium grey-green, creating a concrete or bunker look--hard to explain, but Atlantic Wall seems to fit here. The pocher Heer Adler is beautiful. There is a distinct outline of a national shield on the right side under the camo paint, but it is hard to capture in photos. The whole piece makes me want to start collecting these. The Bruno Muller name could be researched. Another outstanding example for an advanced camo collection. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 4600 USD


mh37 Sharp Luft M40 Camo Helmet

This is a textbook Normandy pattern Luftwaffe Camouflage M40 Helmet. The grass green and orangish ochre color are hallmarks of the Luft scheme. The helmet is a Q64, with original liner and strap, which appear to have some leather treatment applied back in the past. The Luft eagle is partly painted over shows wear to the exposed portion. Total percentage present is about 30-40. This helmet displays very well and would look great with a Luft ground combat display. Sale includes my COA. HOLD 1850 USD




mh35 M40 Q64 Luftwaffe Helmet

Here is a nice M40 Luft with light wear and unaltered components. The paint and decal are in very good contidion. There are two inscriptions: a name and what appears to be a FPnr, in the liner. A decent, collectible luft helmet! Sale includes my COA. SOLD 1K USD






mh27 Minty EF Luft M40 Helmet

Here is a nice condition EF M40 Luft. The decal shows some rubbing and wear, but the paint, liner and overall condition are minty. Sale includes my COA. HOLD 1K USD


mh21 Outstanding M40 Heer Whitewash Combat Helmet




mh22 Excellent Luft M42 Helmet

Here is an excellent plus example of a Luft M42, with a double application of the Luft adler. The shell has a nice medium texture blue-grey finish and the liner is minty, as is the strap. The shell is ET64. Sale includes my COA. SOLD 1250 USD



mh24 Rare! Luft Transitional Double Decal Helmet

Here is a not often seen Luft Transitional helmet circa 1937. All components are untouched original to the piece. The shell is a German M16, with a marking AW04 on the inside right skirt, and no other mark. The liner features a single ply band and is dated 1937. The liner is golden brown and appears to have a layer of beeswax or similar on it, but the liner is in fine shape nonetheless. The decals are the first style Luft and in 97% condition. The paint has some slight patina, mostly related to interaction between the steel and the paint. This handsome piece will be a top shelf item in an advanced Luftwaffe collection. Sale includes my COA. 4.2K USD



mh19 Excellent, Published M35 Heer Helmet





mh13 Outstanding US Medic Grouping, ETO

Here is a super condition US medic's helmet, with an enlisted medical brass affixed to the liner. The helmet bears the original finish and is a front-seam shell with correct 11-row cotton web chinstraps. The original liner chinstrap is present and excellent, as is the OD#3 webbing inside the liner. Accompanying are a US WWII web belt, with original Kabar knife and a black canteen with a 1918 dated cover, all accompanying the helmet as brought back. This grouping is from a picker who recovered these and some German items from a vet estate cleanout. Sale includes my COA. 1050 USD



mh11 Camo Polizei Double Decal Combat Helmet

This NS64 M35 Police has seen at least two camouflage scenarios, one of them full whitewash. The outermost finish is a depot (possibly vehicle paint) flat field grey. The police and party shields still retain 90% or better. What makes this helmet interesting is the addition of a Czech M16 transitional chinstrap, usually seen on earlier transitional helmets. Definitely a field used helmet, either grenz, einsatz, or possibly SS-polizei-division. Sale includes my COA 1950 USD



mh10 Japanese Infantry Netted Combat Helmet, Okinawa Bringback With Tag

I updated this listing with some better pictures and a picture of the reverse of the toe tag, which states that the helmet was cleared by Army Intelligence to bring back as a souvenir. (Superb Battle of Okinawa provenance.) This salty but complete Japanese infantry helmet literally tells the tale of the rough, brutal conditions surrounding the battle of Okinawa in 1945. The helmet bears the name of the Japanese soldier in Hiragana, sewn into the leather liner (Kobashigawa?) and also has stains of blood on the chinstrap webbing. The toe tag was filled out by the GI, whose APO 180 pinpoints him to Okinawa. (The helmet shows a lot of patina, but I was stationed on Okinawa and I can attest that the sea salt air is harsh to the point that most things corrode in a matter of days. The fact that the net is nicely intact tells me the solder wore this helmet in this condition, during those 4 months in and out of caves and bunkers--also, his blood did not fade out from where it spilled on the straps, the stains though old, are still dark and somewhat vivid). A great example of an historic combat helmet. Sale includes my COA 1500 USD;



mh1 Excellent Fallschirmjaeger Single Early Spanner Shell

This is a beauty, but the shell only. There are components around if a collector hunts around enough, and with the right liner and straps, this would be a top shelf piece. Beautiful in its own right, this ET68 shell has all the original spanner bolts except one of the locking bolts inside. Heat lot number is 703 (later 1940 prod). The paint is almost frosty minty except for some storage scuffs, putting it at a strong 95% at least. The Adler shows a scuff across the leading wing. A nice helmet for a reasonable price, someone needs to professionally install a liner and have an economical and handsome piece of FJ metal. Price includes my COA 3100 USD





mh3 Combat Heer Camo M40 Helmet

Here is a helmet that has been there. This is a decent tan camo with a hint of dark green, period sprayed onto an NS62 M40 Heer Single Heer. The eagle can just be seen at more than 75% intact under the tan paint. The liner and strap are un touched original to the piece, and overall the wear is moderate to heavy. This is as authentic as camos can get. Price includes my COA 3200 USD




mh4 82nd Airborne Parade Helmet

The consignor of this helemt, an advanced US helmet collector, reports that he obtained this helmet as part of a grouping from a WWII 82nd Airborne vet. The vet reportedly wore this helmet in the 1946 victory parade in NY City. There is no photographic documentation of this helmet in that context, but it does show signs of having been an early parade piece, worn for special occasions after the end of WWII. The outfitting, includes a refurbished rear seam steel pot, finished in a glossy Olive Drab, with carefuly hand-stenciled 82nd flashes, without the Airborne rocker. The steel pot straps are the ten-row OD number 7 color scheme. The liner has Rigger installed A straps, denoting a definite post-WWII look. I have done some cursory looking online at footage and stills, and have been unable to spot this configuration clearly among the imagery. The helmet is priced in accordance with being a decent parade or honor guard example from the post-wwii period. Price is 1500 USD